FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we download the videos?

No videos cannot be downloaded. Videos can only be be streamed online using your secure Member login.

How can I maximize the videos, it is too small for me, i want to have full screen, please guide me.

To view Full screen, Please double click the video.

Do we have any training institute in india?

I only provide online trainings as my participants are spread across the world. I do not have any classroom trainings.

How much does the training cost?

Please visit our webpage – http://www.itelearn.com/pricing-option for pricing details

How do we access the training videos?

Go to www.itelearn.com or use http://www.itelearn.com/wp-login.php There is a member login on the home page. Please login with your own email i.d and use lost password to reset your password.

I would like to know If QTP 10 or 11 compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS

Yes it does work on this operating system.

When can we expect next LIVE batch for QTP and Selenium.

For now we are not planing for any LIVE batches if there is any LIVE batch in future will keep you posted.

Can we do a payment using debit card or credit card?


For all the new courses provided who will be the instructor?

Karthik will be the instructor for all the new courses we have started up.

All the new courses provided will they be a live batch or recorded sessions?

For now all the new courses offered will be pre-recorded videos

What is the discount offered for the various courses provided

Please refer to our pricing page at: http://www.itelearn.com/pricing-option for the current discounts and offers

Can karthik provide us in person training?

We are sorry but Karthik takes only online training sessions not in person.

For how long we will be given an access for these videos?

Access for these videos will be given for a year

What if I have question when watching the video?

You can always use our private forums for any technical help or email tech support. This facility is available only for ITeLearn paid members.

How to download QTP?

We will give you a download link you just need to follow the instructions given in the welcome pack and download it.

What do we do once the trial version for QTP expires in 14 days

You need to reinstall the QTP software

Is QTP supported on MAC?

QTP does not support Mac OS but there’s a work around. You might want to look at installing QTP on a windows virtual machine that sits on Mac. Parallels (www.parallels.com) or VMWare or WineHQ (www.winehq.com) are a few examples.Although this is never tested by our team.

Can you please give us the login for the forum?

Please check the below Link to access the forum: http://www.itelearn.com/member-thank-you.

I am no longer able to access the Google-Groups. What should I do?

As part of improvement to how we provide Technical Support more effectively, we have decided to move away from email/google group based tech support and forum to a Web Based Tech Support and forum.

Each of you have been invited to the new forum at http://www.itelearn.com/forum. Please check your email for a ITeLearn Guest login credentials. If you do not see an email, please send an email to learn@itelearn.com and not the group. The existing Google Groups have been disabled.

What is Forum?

We have come up with a new forum where all the technical queries will be resolved and all the participants can post their technical related queries, ask for assistance from our tech team member and also other team members who are participants of ITelearn group.

On which number can we contact you?

You can speak to us on the below numbers
+1-314-827-5272 (US)
+91-970-453-6245 (INDIA).

We do not take technical queries on phone.

We see a lock on the videos can you please remove that so that we can view the videos

You just need to click on the videos if you are a paid participant you will be able to view the videos even if you see a lock sign there!

Where can I get the Free video content?

All free content is on our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/qtpelearn. Any additional video access is only through my training program.

Is there any way that I can continue to practice even after the training is finished?


Do I need to know the JAVA in-order to use the Selenium? Do I need to know any programming knowledge? Do I need to know QTP or other Automation Tools to Learn Selenium? I am new to Testing. Can I still learn Selenium?

I assume that most of you are NEW to Testing and have no experience in writing any code. That way, I ensure that I go through from the very basic level and gradually move to advanced topics.

How much of Java and JUnit will be taught in this training?

This is NOT Java training. However, I shall teach all that is need to successfully build, design, run and maintain Data-Driven, Keyword-Driven and Hybrid Automation frameworks through Java/JUnit.

How about other programming languages like C#, Perl, Python, PHP etc? Should we not learn them?

There is a lot to learn initially on Selenium IDE, RC and GRID. We then go into programming through Java. Once you learn a flow with one language it will make things easier to adapt and learn or implement through other languages. You know how things work and what can/cannot be done.

What is the most widely using programming knowledge for Selenium?

It varies and depends on the organization implementing it.

How do I download and install Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Server, Selenium GRID, FireBug, Eclipse to write and run Java code etc?

Please refer to Welcome Pack for Selenium on the http://www.itelearn.com/member-thank-you page for detailed installation instructions.

How will our questions get answered?

During offline practice or while watching the videos, you can search the private Discussion Forums for answers or post a new question.There are over 200 new participants joining this training each month. You will be part of a very large private user community where you can post your questions and get answers from. Also, your learning enhances significantly when you learn from questions and topics from other members. There is also my Technical Help Desk team which monitors this constantly

Do you do placements?

At the moment NO. However, I plan to get into consulting and projects very soon. YES. But this will be very niche, focused on Automation.

How are the job opportunities for Selenium? Is it better than QTP?

Excellent. Visit dice or monster or CareerBuilder. Both tools have their goods and bads. Having these 2 words on your resume will help your marketing a lot.

Do you have an option to take only Basic or only Advanced or only specific topics for QTP and Selenium

NO. This training has a well integrated and navigates through easy to advanced topics seamlessly. This is the primary reason, it makes your concepts rock solid and you would be able to grasp and implement lot many features. Even if you are an experienced QTP professional and need to sharpen your skills, there is no shortcut. You have to go through the entire program as there are many concepts and fundamentals that you may miss otherwise.

We are facing a database error on your website

We are really sorry for the inconvenience. We are facing some technical issue and we are working on it. This will be taken care in few hours.The issue will get fixed in next 24 hours.

What if I am from Different education or experience background?

Still you can opt and master the subject,if you have the urge and desire to learn .You need not have any programming experience,its a easy subject to learn if you can practice well

What is ITeLearn Affiliate program?How do I become ITeLearn Affiliate?

Please visit this webpage http://www.itelearn.com/affiliates to know about our Affiliate Program.

1) The 1st step is to ensure that you have the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight. Visit http://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/Get-Started/Install/Default.aspx to install the latest version. This will help to better streams.
2) The best browser to play the videos is Google Chrome. You can download and install the latest version from https://www.google.com/chrome
3) Videos are based on secure streaming technology. Hence you need to provide some time for the videos to load completely. Post which you will be able to easily navigate through the video timeline (Pause, Rewind, Forward, Replay etc)

1) This must have happened because you are not given access to the right membership level.
2) Email us immediately at learn@itelearn.com so that we can add you to the right ITeLearn membership level.

I see a message “Your account is approaching the storage limit.When your account reaches the limit,You will no longer be able to upload new content to your account.” What should I do?

Please ignore this message as this is taken care at our end.

I am able to watch silverlight videos but have issue with wmv files.

Install windows media player to watch these videos.

The content is currently unavailable.Please contact the content owner for more information.

This error or message appears when there is a issue with bandwidth.
Inform us in this case.

The blue wheel on silverlight video rotates till 100 % and then I get a blank screen. or your Video plays for few minutes and gets blank.

Try the below steps:
a. Un-install the Silvelight plugin on your PC or Laptop
b. Download and Reinstall the Silverlight plugin.

I am having issues viewing the videos. It is taking almost 4-5 hours to view an hour of video. Also, the buffering stops in between and have to restart it.

a. Check if you have decent internet speed for faster streaming.
b. If the internet speed is fine.As a alternate play the videos on a different browser.

What is the start date for this selenium 2-week Job Oriented Dummy Project Live Program?

We will announce the start date soon. Please keep checking this page for start date.

I am an existing member for selenium videos. I have paid $350. How much do I pay for this Dummy project Live Program?

Since you are an existing paid Selenium Participant, you need to pay $125(Live+Video) or $75 for videos only.

I am a New Subscriber and planning to take Selenium prerecorded vidoes. But I do not want to take this Selenium 2-week LIVE program. How much should I pay?

As you are a new subscriber and you do not wish to take Live or Video Recordings for this LIVE program, you can buy our regular package for selenium pre-recorded videos which is $350. Our pricing page is here: http://www.itelearn.com/pricing-option
NOTE: You will not have access to Selenium 2-week LIVE program recorded videos as this program is different from the earlier sessions.

I am an existing paid Selenium participant. Will I have access to these Live Program Live or recorded videos?

No. This program is different from the earlier sessions. This program is a Fast-Track and focused at giving you the much needed practical exposure and confidence. It will prepare you for an upcoming job.

If you wish to get access to the videos please make a payment here: http://www.itelearn.com/selenium-tutorial-videos/itelearn-selenium-2-week-job-oriented-dummy-project-live-program

Is it hard to learn QTP?

QTP is a very popular tool in the Software Test Automation Market due to its advanced features and powerful scripting (VB Script). Hence, to master the tool it will take time, effort and patience(avg of 1 to 3 months). However, my tutorials have been specifically made to make learning QTP for beginners easy and still provide very advanced topics.

I am an absolute beginner. Is it hard to learn QTP?

QTP is a very popular tool in the Software Test Automation Market due to its advanced features and powerful scripting. Hence, to master the tool it will take time (avg of 1 to 3 months). However, my tutorials have been specifically made to make learning QTP for beginners easy and still provide very advanced topics.

Is learning QTP essential?

QTP is one of the most popular tools. It has a very huge job market and has become almost like a mandatory skill for all Software QA professionals.

What are the pre-requisites for learning QTP?

Nothing specific. The videos have been oriented for absolute beginners. However, basic computer skills and MS Office skills are essential.

Do I need to know programming?

The training program has sufficient focus on learning the required programming knowledge.

Are you doing LIVE training or is it only VIDEOS?

My core course content is through videos only. This is the most effective and preferred way to master any new skill.However, I also do a shortened LIVE program once every few months which is attended by dozens of participants. All questions are asked and answered on chat during these LIVE sessions. However, majority of questions come when you practice on the tool and this gets addressed through the Tech Support + Tech Forum. When a LIVE webinar is announced you can upgrade to the LIVE webinar by paying the difference.

How will I practice?

You will be provided with detailed instructions of installing the trial version for QTP for your local machine. This detail will come as part of your welcome pack.

How will I get my technical questions answered?

All Technical questions will get addressed through the Technical Forum only. We have a team providing tech support to our members and will answer your query on the forum.

How long is the access to the videos?

Videos for each course are typically available for 12 months (1 Year) unless specified otherwise.

How long is the access to the technical forums?

You have a LIFE Time access to the technical support through the forums.

How quickly will my questions get answered?

Typically, most questions already have answers in the forum. Do visit the forum and search for a solution. Else, start a new thread and you will start getting responses within 24 hours.

Will I get hands-on training?

The entire training is focused on practical, hands-on, job like projects and practice.

Are there any LIVE projects?

The entire training is focused on practical, hands-on, job like projects and practice.

What happens after the trial version expires?

We do not support this area. However, you can search the forum and take advice from other members. Please do not post new threads for this.

What do I get after enrolling/paying for the training?

Within 24 hours, you will receive:
1. Account access (login/pswd) to the secure site for viewing the videos.
2. Download all class files, project files, scripts, tutorials, documentations.
3. Access to the Tech Support and Tech Forum for addressing your technical quesitions.
4. Free Registration for our 3rd party/partner driven Power Placement Program.