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Manual Testing Live Project-II

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01-QA Project-I Free videos(Day 1 to Day 2)
02-Playlist 1 (Day 3 to Day 11)

Chapter 1: QA Live project-I Free videos

In this playlist you are given an overview about the project. There is an Orientation session done where Team divisions, Schedule for the Project is discussed followed by a Q&A Session. If you are a member, login here. To apply for membership, please visit our Pricing page.

Chapter 1: Files, Quiz, Assignments, Support below (for members):
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Chapter 1: QA Live Project Videos

This playlist gives you a Requirement Walkthrough, followed by FRS/FRD review, Use case review, Test case review, App walk through and status updates from Earth Team, VenusTeam, MarsTeam, JupiterTeam along with test execution and defect reporting is done. Also, you may be referred to view other videos which you can find here while you view the videos.

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