QTP Live Project

QTP LIVE Project-2 Details:

These LIVE projects are actual projects seeking assistance on QA and Testing. As part of this project you would be participating in a 1 week exercise that will lead to
A. Exposure on “How to perform Automation Testing in Real Projects”
B. Deciding the right framework for a project.
C. How to design, build, deploy and maintain a suitable Framework for the project?
D. Interacting with other automation team members and ensuring to collectively resolve challenges.
E. Experience that you can refer to on your resume.
F. Confidently show case your skill and expertise in interviews

Pre-Requisites: Watch atleast 1 LIVE batch videos of QTP (fast track options)

Duration: • QTP LIVE Project (Tentatively in May or June)

Schedule : Daily 1 hour of LIVE session (7:30 to 8:30pm PT) + 20 hours of actual project Work.

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For New Subscriber
Advanced QTP LIVE Training (Fast Track) + LIVE Project  Pay Here $525

For Existing ITeLearn QTP Participants
QTP Live Project (Live + Video) Pay Here $125

Different activities planned for our QTP Project:
-Orientation on how the project works
-Application Walk through, Project Timelines and Goals.
-Q&A Session
-Team creation and orientation
-High level test plan, test case template
-Detailed test cases
-Review Test Cases
-Finalize Test Cases
-Deciding on an Automation Strategy.
-Choosing the right framework, scripts and approach.
-Getting app access, preparing test data.
-Setting up Test Environment
-Building the Automation Scripts and Frameworks.
-Doing a test run
-Finalizing the deploying the automation suite
-Cleaning up and documentation.

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QTP Live Project

Karthik's QTP Live Project Training program has been designed and perfected for a beginner level professional who is seeking to lay a perfect foundation for an Automation Testing Career. This course offers you over 10-15 hours of video content,live project work and assignments.
Awesome course content
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Job and real-time project focused.

QTP LIVE Project Orientation session

Chapter 1: QTP Live Project

01 - 77 min

Welcome & Orientation

02 - 35 min

QTP- Live Project

03 - 30 min

QTP- Live Project
Kick-Off Session

04 - 57 min

QTP- Live Project
Team presentation

05 - 52 min

QTP- Live Project
Team Presentation

06 - 49 min

QTP- Live Project
Team Presentation

07 - 100 min

QTP- Live Project
Team Presentation

08 - 40 min

QTP- Live Project
Team Presentation

09 - 50 min

QTP- Live Project
Team Presentation

10 - 28 min

QTP- Live Project
Team Presentation