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ITeLearn Detailed Step by Step Instructions on accessing Selenium Videos

How to watch the videos: (Please read every step very carefully.)

1. IteLearn Member Login Invite emails:
a. We provide direct access to videos to all our paid registrants through our website
b. Once you make a payment, in 24 hours you will get an member login details email from us which will have content like this –

Subject: “Congrats – You are registered!”
Dear ,
You have successfully registered as one of our No Membership Level members.
Your Membership Info:
Password: ********
Login URL:
DO NOT SHARE. Please keep this information safe as it contains your username and password. IP address tracking is ON. Hence access to the members section from multiple locations will result in automatic suspension of your account and CANNOT BE UNDONE.
Be sure to drop by the site as we are continuously adding to the members area.

c. Note that sometimes this email may hit your Junk Folder and you hence should do a search for email address in your mailbox.

d. If you do not find it, please email us at

2. Login process:
a. Once you have the Username and Password, go to . Enter the details on the member login form as shown below:

IteLearn Member login area
IteLearn Member login area

b. If you forget your password, you can reset it any time by doing the following:
Member login form
c. Once you login, you will be directed to ITeLearn Members Home page as shown below:

ITeLearn Member welcome page
ITeLearn Member welcome page

d. You can start accessing the videos from the Quick Access links.

3. Watching the videos:
a. Install Microsoft Silverlight from the following link This will help play the videos with pause, rewind and forward features.
b. Always play full screen for best resolution.
c. The order in which you need to watch the videos is mentioned below.
d. Do note that these videos are being viewed by over 1000+ participants globally and have no specific issues or challenges. It must have to do with your system settings and configurations. If the VIDEO does not play or have an issue with for any reason, please try a different browser. Also ensure that you have installed
e. Videos cannot be downloaded.

4. Order of watching the videos:
There are 2 types of video Links: Fast Track Class Recordings and Recorded Topics.
a. Fast Track class recordings:
i. These videos are recorded from current or previous LIVE webinar batches. Typically you will find about 14-20 videos in this.
ii. These videos are NOT comprehensive. They do not cover all topics in depth.
iii. However, they are based on 2-4 projects and a great learning experience.
iv. Who is it for? Fast-Track, interview preparation, project preparation. Basically, if you need to get a strong overview knowledge in a short time, take any 1 of the LIVE batch recordings and start watching.

b. Recorded Topics:
i. A comprehensive collection of every topic in detail.
ii. Starts with series like 01, 02 etc. With each series having 1 or many videos.
iii. Who is it for? Lot of time, want to get in-depth and would like to master the tool in a very systematic manner.

5. Code, Programs, Scripts:
a. All the scripts and files are under “Download Scripts and Files” of respective training. You can download these scripts to your machine and start to use them.

Hope this document helped you in getting started. Please send an email to if there are any further questions.

January 2, 2013

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