PEGA Live Training
(July 2017 Batch)

Overview: Pega is the software for customer centricity. Many of the world’s leading organizations use Pega to drive revenue growth, improve customer experience, and enhance operational efficiency. Pega’s unified offering is recognized by industry analysts as a leader in CRM,BPM,Case Management and Business Rules. Pega’s software complements existing systems and offers a wide range of industry applications designed to accelerate time to market.

Core Idea: Pega Is a single platform with everything you need to build or modify enterprise apps fast. Pega enterprise application development platform is more and more faster to build/change application than conventional software development. It Bridge the gap between your front and back office operations with a single platform that will result in 321% ROI and 75% reduction in enterprise application development costs, according to Forrester.
Scalable: Build enterprise apps that meet the needs of multiple business units, channels, products, geographies, and customer segments. Pega reduces time to market by 40%, according to a Forrester study.

Intent: Pega is a recognized industry leader in the BPM category.Business process management (BPM) is a methodology to manage processes and workflows in an organization. The goal of BPM is to increase efficiency, performance, and agility in the day-to-day operations of a business. BPM has been widely adopted by organisations and is essential for any enterprise businesses that want to be competitive in today’s marketplace. For example, the world’s leading airlines utilize BPM to manage flight schedules and terminal operations.

Date and Time: Paid Sessions from 3rd Aug @ 5.30PM Pacific.


  • Better,faster & more cost effective than your current alternatives.
  • Adapt Quickly to changing business conditions.
  • Process business critical activities faster & with quality.
  • Reduce the number of errors and exceptions.
  • Effective resource utilization.
  • Reduce duplications.
  • Increase Efficiency and Performance.
  • Reduce business risks.
  • Provides more security.
  • Training content

    Topic Presenter Day(1 hour per day)
    1.Software Application
    2.Introduction to BPM
    3.Introduction to PRPC(Pega)
    4.Software Company/Project/Client/Technologies/SDLC and models (Refer provided SDLC docs or same)
    Company/Project/Client/Technologies/SDLC and models (Refer provided SDLC docs or same)
    V.Anitha Day 1
    1.Pega Life Cycle Management (Functional Capabilities in 6’Rs)
    2.Advantages of PEGA
    3.Choosing PEGA as career
    4.Pega Certification Details
    5.Pega Software (System Requirements)
    V.Anitha Day 2
    1.Pega Architecture
    2.Pega Installation
    3.New Features in PEGA 7
    V.Anitha Day 3
    1.Real Time Project Docs (SOW/WBS/SRS/FRS/Scope/BRD etc)
    2.PEGA App Default Credentials and App walkthrough
    3.Various portals Privileges (Admin/Sys architect/Manager/User)
    V.Anitha Day 4
    1.Operator ID's creation and assign portals/roles 2.Switching Portals/applications 3.Class/Inheritance V.Anitha Day 5
    1.Operator/Operator ID/Work objects
    2.Access Group/Access Role
    4.Roles and Responsibilities (Normal)
    5.HTML properties
    V.Anitha Day 6
    1.Case Management
    2.Stages (Configuration)
    3.Steps (Configurations)
    V.Anitha Day 7
    Case Management 1.Configure form
    2.Adding fields
    3.Walkthrough on created items like (Flow/Flow actions/Sections)
    4.Editing section and perform modifications
    5.Test Run app
    V.Anitha Day 8
    1.Section/Properties in detail (Layout/Basic/Advance) 2.Toolbar options V.Anitha Day 9 & 10
    1.Property Modes
    2.Change UI Control
    3.Change Property Types
    4.Alert/Warning using modal dialog
    6.Email Address Validation
    7.Flow Action Validation
    8.Boundary Condition Validation
    V.Anitha Day 11
    2.Flow Actions
    3.Screen Flows
    4.Compliance Score
    V.Anitha Day 12
    1.Data Table Creation
    2.Inserting records
    3.Associating data table to work
    4.Displaying data table values in section (Dropdown)
    5.Displaying data table columns in section
    6.Displaying data table complete records in section (Repeating Grid)
    V.Anitha Day 13
    1.Data Transform (Display data in section from data table on condition(ID) base)
    2.Different Methods of Data Transform (Set/Remove/Update/Dynamic and Static value display/When , otherwise when, Otherwise/Comment/Sort etc
    V.Anitha Day 14
    1.Inserting data from UI -Data table (Database) using activities
    2.Different Methods in Activities
    3.Creating and Applying activities on system defined and user defined properties
    4.Calculations Using Activities
    V.Anitha Day 15
    1.Decision Conditions
    2.When condition
    3.Decision Tree/Table
    4.Case Match
    V.Anitha Day 16
    Declarative Rules
    1.Declare Expressions
    2.Declare on Change
    4.Declare Triggers
    V.Anitha Day 17
    1.Assigning work
    3.Pega Flows
    V.Anitha Day 18
    1.External Database Connectivity
    2.Creating table
    3.Inserting data
    4.Retrieving data
    V.Anitha Day 19
    1.Email configuration
    2.Email node association
    3.Sending and Receiving mails
    V.Anitha Day 20 & 21
    1.Ruleset Checkout /Checkin
    2.Web Services
    V.Anitha Day 22
    V.Anitha Day 23
    2.Interview FAQ’S
    3.Interview Handling Skills
    V.Anitha Day 24

    Anyone can choose PEGA for better career (with/without) programming knowledge.

    Training Features

    Date and Time

    27th July Free Day-02 Demo Session
    @ 7.30-8.30PM Pacific.

    Paid Training

    28th July to 30th Aug (Mon-Fri)


    25days (5-6 weeks)




    - Anyone can opt (Freshers/Experienced)
    - Basics of Software Industry

    Ideal Trainees

    (Everyone who wants to go into Technical and without coding skills)
    - Non IT
    - Manual Testers
    - Job Seekers
    - Automation Testers
    - Business Analyst

    Why Learn PEGA?

    - Choose PEGA for better career and included skills with/without programming knowledge.
    - Built better/faster/robust applications within less span of time and with reduced business risks/more customer satisfaction.


  • PEGA complete training videos ($450)
  • PEGA Training LIVE + videos ($500)