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SQL+PL/SQL Live Training

Core Idea: With a lot of data flowing into applications, it is expected of testers to test this data stored in the database.Understanding the process to communicate with the database systems becomes crucial here and this can be achieved using SQL. With complex systems and logics, queries are to be fine tuned and they must be intelligent enough to take inputs and combine with the programming techniques to fetch output for the complex logics written for a given application. And that is what PL/ SQL is all about, combining SQL with Programming techniques.

Intent: To get users evaluate and learn Basics and Advanced SQL concepts.

Date and Time: Paid Training Sessions starts from 30th May to 13th June (Mon to Thu)
@ 5.30 PM pacific.



  • Advanced level training of SQL.
  • Perfect fit for those looking for Database or ETL testing.
  • Perfect course for beginners and QA Engineers who plan to move to backend testing
  • Basic to Advanced level training of SQL.
  • Training content

    Test SQL Basics Course Content

    (Video Recordings by Karthik)

    Topic Presenter
    • Introduction to Programming Languages
    • Introduction to PL/SQL
    • The Advantages of PL/SQL
    • PL/SQL Architecture
    • PL/SQL Data types
    • Variable and Constants
    • Using Built_in Functions
    • Conditional and Unconditional Statements
    • Simple if, if… else, nested if..else, if..else Ladder
    • Selection Case, Simple Case, GOTO Label and EXIT
    • Iterations in PL/SQL
      • SQL within PL/SQL
      • Composite Data types (Complete)
      • Cursor Management in PL/SQL
      • Implicit Cursors
      • Explicit Cursors
      • Cursor Attributes
      • Cursor with Parameters
      • Cursors with LOOPs Nested Cursors
      • Cursors with Sub Queries
      • Ref. Cursors
      • Record and PL/SQL Table Types
    Advanced PL/SQL Mahesh
    • Procedures in PL/SQL :
    • PROCEDURE with Parameters (IN,OUT and IN OUT)
    • POSITIONAL Notation and NAMED Notation
    • Procedure with Cursors
    • Dropping a Procedure
      • Functions in PL/SQL :
      • Difference between Procedures and Functions
      • User Defined Functions
      • Nested Functions
      • Using stored function in SQL statements
        • Packages in PL/SQL :
        • Creating PACKAGE Specification and PACKAGE Body
        • Private and Public Objects in PACKAGE
    • Types of exceptions :
    • User Defined Exceptions
    • Pre Defined Exceptions
    • SQL Error Code Values
    Database Triggers in PL/SQL Mahesh
    • Types of Triggers
    • Row Level Triggers
    • Statement Level Triggers
    • DDL Triggers
    • Trigger Auditing
    File Input/Output Mahesh
    • PL/SQL file I/O (Input/Output)
    • Using UTL_FILE Package
    Implementing Object Technology Mahesh
    • What is Object Technology ?
    • OOPS-Object Instances
    • Creation of objects
    • Creating User Defined Data Types
    • Creating Object Tables
    • Inserting rows in a table using Objects
    • Retrieving data from Object based Tables
    • Calling a Method
    • Indexing Abstact Data type Attributes
    Using LOBS Mahesh
    • Large Objects (LOBS)
    • Creating Tables-LOB
    • Working with LOB values
    • Inserting, Updating & Deleting Values in LOBs
    • Populating Lobis DBMS_LOB Routines
    • Using B-FILE
    Using Collections Mahesh
    • Advantages of collection
    • Ref cursor (Dynamic Cursor)
    • Weak ref cursor
    • Strong ref cursor
    • Nested Tables VARRAYS or VARYING arrays
    • Creating tables using nested tables
    • Inserting, updating & deleting Nested
    • Table records
    • Nested table in PL/SQL
    Oracle Database Architecture Mahesh
    • Introduction to Oracle Database Architecture
    • Physical structures Logical structures
    • DB Memory Structures Background Process
    • 2 Tire, 3 Tire, N-Tier Architecture
    Advanced Features Mahesh
    • 9i Joines
    • New Date function
    • Rename column
    • Inner Join/Natural Join
    • Left Outer Join/Right Outer Join
    • Full Outer Join
    • Multiple Inserts
    • Insert All Command
    • Merge statement
    • NVL2(), NULLIF(), COALESCE()
    • CASE expression of Select Command
    • Temporary Tables/Global Tables
    • New Function EXTRACT()
    • Autonomous Traction
    • Pragma _ Autonomous_ Transaction()
    • Bulk Collect
    • About Flash Back Queries
    • Dynamic SQL
    • New data types, Flash back Command
    • Purge Command, Recyclebin
    • Regular expressions, DML Error Logging
    • Data Pump, Virtual Columns
    • Read only tables, Cross tab Views using
    • Pivot/Unpivot operators, Follows Clause
    • Compound triggers, New data types
    • Database
    • Tablespace
    • Types of tablespaces

    Training Features


    12 hours


    - Anyone looking for an IT job.
    - Basics of MS Office (MS Word and MS Excel)

    Ideal Trainees

    - Non IT
    - Manual Testers
    - Job Seekers
    - Automation Testers
    - Business Analyst


  • Videos : ($75)
  • Live+Videos : ($100)