HP UFT (with Lean FT) Live Training

Core Idea: To make you master of one of the most trusted and used functional testing tool in software testing. Where you will learn basics of UFT along with advance concept of automation framework development using HP UFT. This will give you quick start in test automation if you are looking to make your career in Automation Testing. Get a chance to learn new LeanFT that allow functional automated testing in Eclipse, Visual Studio, and IntelliJ using JavaScript, Java, and C# languages.

Intent: Make you master of Test Automation and framework development.

Date and Time:5 hours free training from 26th to 30th June @ 6.30-7.30PM Pacific.
Paid Sessions : 10th to 28th Jul @ 6.30-7.30PM Pacific.



  • Perfect fit for those looking to enter Test Automation.
  • Perfect course for QA Engineers who plan to move to Automation.
  • Perfect course for beginners and QA Engineers who plan to move to Automation.
  • Learn automation framework development which covers KDF and Hybrid framework.
  • Learn LeanFT.
  • Get mentored by industry experts.
  • Technical Support.
  • Training content

    Topic Presenter Duration (in minutes) Day (1 hour per day)
    UFT Overview, New Features, Functional Testing 60 1
    Installation, About Object Spy, Object Repository 60 2  
    Working with Actions 60 3  
    VBScript Introduction 60 4  
    Conditional Statements, Loops, Switch Case 60 5  
    DataTables 60 6  
    Read/Write Excel 60 7  
    DDF 60 8  
    KDF Part 1 60 9  
    KDF Part 2 60 10  
    KDF Part 3 60 11  
    Hybrid Framework Part 1 60 12  
    Hybrid Framework Part 2 60 13  
    Recovery Scenario 60 14  
    Descriptive Programming 60 15  
    Total Training Hours 15    

    Training Features


    20 hours.


    - Anyone looking for an Automation job.
    - Basics of Manual Testing

    Ideal Trainees

    - Anyone looking for an Automation job.
    - - Basics of Manual Testing.
    - Manual Testers
    - Job Seekers
    - Automation Testers
    - Business Analyst


  • Videos: ($450)
  • Live+Videos: ($500)