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Immediate Requirements: QA & Automation Engineer, Lead Performance Engineer, Test Manager & Oracle Consultant. (for candidates in USA) Rush your resumes

Agile & Scrum Course Content

Objective Today, Agile and SCRUM are one of the very popular SDLC model used widely in software industry .Organization such as, Google, Yahoo, IBM are using Enterprise wise Agile. Many organizations use some or other form of Agile. There are also many wrong notions are prevalent in the industry. Therefore, every one working in software industry muse be aware of Agile and SCRUM so that it can be practiced over enterprise meaningfully.
-Agile and SCRUM introduces new lean process, teams, lightweight documentation.
-This course enables participants to contribute in Agile and SCRUM projects with 100% participation and understanding of their relevant roles based on Agile Manifesto.

Methodology: The Concept, Process, Roles, Vocabulary, Tools are covered extensively. Practical examples and case studies are provided.

Agile & Scrum Course Content

SDLC Indroduction
Software : Evolution over the years, Challenges of Changes , Waterfall, Spiral, V&V, RAD, Need for Change , Success Storey

Agile – A Solution For Business
Agile – Agility, , Agile Solution for Success , Agile Transformation Through ADAPT , Agile Manifesto and Principles, Agile Mythys

Agile Methods
Overview – Scrum, Scrum Team Structure and Roles,Project Management With SCRUM, Multi Layers ,Sprint, Planning, Scheduling and Closing.

Vision , Levels and Layers of Planning during SDLC, High Level Planning, Sprint Planning, Incremental Iteration and Sprint ,Daily Scrum, SCRUM Review, Scrum Retrospective

<b>Requirement Gathering
Requirement Elicitation, Epics, Theme, Product Back Log , User Story, A Case Study, A DEEP product Backlog

User Story and Estimation
Traditional and Scrum Estimation, Story Points- Why, Planning Poker, Introduction to Team Velocity, A Case Study, Concept of ‘Done’

User Story And Iterations
The Concept, Iteration and Improvement Backlog, The Enterprise Transition Community and Examples for Iteration.

A Case Study
-Agile Method for DATA WAREHOUSE Project: Product Vision to Sprint Planning.
-A web based Application- Requirement to Iteration Planning.

Integrate Testing into Process, Testing at Different Levels, TDD, ATDD, BDD.

Metrics – GQM
Metrics Why? Traditional Metrics, A case study for GQM

Agile Metrics1
Purpose of Measure , General Purpose Agility Assessment, Balanced Score Cards.

Agile Metrics 2
A Case Study for Metrics with A Tool

Scaling Scrum
Scaling the Product Owner, Working with the large Product Log, Manage Dependency, Work Among Team, Scaling Sprint Planning Meeting

Distributed Team
How to distribute Multiple Teams, Create Coherence, Team Communication, Team Meetings.

Scrum – Demo
Introduction of an automated SCRUM Tool

Review of SCRUM, Tools for Scrum, Q&A

January 15, 2014
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