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Agile and Scrum Live Training (Feb-2017 batch)

All Chapters :

01 – Agile and Scrum Fundamentals (JPACT) Free videos (Orientation, Day 01, Day 02 )

02 – Agile and Scrum Fundamentals (JPACT) Paid videos (Day 03 to Day 09 )

Chapter 1: Agile & Scrum Free videos

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Chapter 2: Agile and Scrum Fundamentals (JPACT) Paid Videos

*Waterfall Model & Pitfalls.
*History of Agile.
*Agile Manifesto & Principles.
*How is it going to help you in your career.
*iTeLearn Agile Training Program.

Day – 01:
*Agile values, Principles, Practices.
*User Profile.
*User Personas.
*How to create the User Personas.
*Different methods to collect the information.
*Atrributes in the User Persona..

Day – 02:
*Scrum Framework.
*Scrum Values.
*Scrum Team Roles & Responsibilities.
*Ground Rules.
*Definition of Done.
*Scrum Practices.

Day – 03:
*Waterfall Model & Pitfalls.
*History of Agile.
*What is Agile.
*What is Agile Mindset.
*Agile Manifesto.

Day – 04:
*Being Agile Vs Doing Agile?.
*Vision, Mission, Values, Goals.
*Theme, Epic, Story, Task.
*Art of Writing User Story.
*3 C’s of a User Story.
*What is Backlog?.
*Product Backlog.
*Release Backlog.
*Sprint Backlog.

Day – 05:
*Scrum Ceremonies(Stand up Meetings, Pre-Planning, Planning, Sprint *Review, Retrospective, Release
*Artifacts ( Release Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Velocity Charts, *Retrospective Charts, Burndown Charts, Burnup Charts).

Day – 06:
*Release Burnup Charts.
*Release Burndown Charts.
*Sprint Burndown Charts.
*Sprint Velocity Chart.
*Relative Estimation.

Day – 07
*Plan Vs Planning ,Why Estimates? ,Points to consider for Planning & Estimating, Levels of Estimates, Estimation Techniques,Planning Poker Technique, T-Shirt Sizes Technique.

Day – 08
*Hands on Estimations (Theme, Epic, Story, Task).

Day – 09
*Kanban, What is prioritization, What are different prioritization techniques, MoSCoW, Relative weighting prioritization.

Day – 10
*Recap,Relative Weighting,Kano Model,Assignments,Q&A.

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March 15, 2017
  • itisha

    Hello Sailaja, who builds all this chart in scrum team?

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