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Immediate Requirements: QA & Automation Engineer, Lead Performance Engineer, Test Manager & Oracle Consultant. (for candidates in USA) Rush your resumes

BI Validator Course Content

BI Validator Course Content

Chapter 1 : Dashboard Testing

Chapter 2 : Upgrade Test Plan

  • 2.1 Compare pre and post upgrade reports or reports across environments for data (CSV) or PDF differences.

Chapter 3 : Stress Testing

  • 3.1 Simulate realistic concurrent user load and gather dashboard performance statistics with varying user load

Chapter 4 : Catalog Test Plan

  • 4.1 Baseline and Compare web catalog XML to identify changes or compare them across environments

Chapter 5 :Physical Query Test Plan

  • 5.1 Baseline and compare report catalog XML, Logical Query and Physical Query without submitting the request to the database

Chapter 6 :Subject Area Test Plan

  • 6.1 Automatically generate logical queries for a given subject area and test them for ODBC errors or CAST NULL errors (coming soon)
February 29, 2016
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