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Immediate Requirements: QA & Automation Engineer, Lead Performance Engineer, Test Manager & Oracle Consultant. (for candidates in USA) Rush your resumes

Corporate communication skills enhancement program Course Content

Pre-requisite: An inclination to improve your communication skills.
Course Details:

Chapter 1 : Meeting

  • Steps to an effective meeting
  • Planning around adults
  • Best practices for your meetings
  • What to do when it’s “their meeting”
  • Thoughts on the human aspects
  • Brief summary

Chapter 2 : Conference

  • Planning your conference call
  • What to do before the conference call
  • How to conduct the conference call
  • What to do when it’s their conference call
  • Thoughts about not being face-to-face
  • Available tools
  • Brief summary

Chapter 3 : Presentation

  • Planning your presentation
  • Structuring your content
  • Creating slides
  • Rehearsal
  • When you present
  • Executives
  • Resources
  • Brief Summary

Chapter 4 : Types of Nonverbal Communication

  • Gestures include motion of the head or limbs.
  • Posture refers to both the position of the body by itself and in relation to others.
  • Body movements may include any motion of the body.
  • Eye contact and movements are the direction and focus of a person’s eyes.
  • Tone of voice is the range of pitch in the voice that may communicate something other than the words being spoken. For example, sarcasm may give an individual’s words an entirely different meaning.
  • Facial expressions refer to any movement and changes.

Chapter 5 :

  • Quiz
  • Activities
  • Best Practice

Chapter 6 :

  • Soft skills know-how

Students Access:

  • Pdf file to speaking topics, writing essentials, letters and business writing skills workshop
  • Presentations used during training program
  • Link to the free webinar
  • New customized supportive material on communication booster/ as per student requests

Dates: Jan 2nd to Jan 27th – 4 sessions per week and a 4 week training program
Apart from the technical interviews the training program above would help you certify and advance your skills to get placed in job profile listed below:

  • Customer service
  • Media assistant
  • Public relations
  • Hospitality
  • Sales executive
  • Content developer
  • Receptionist
November 28, 2016
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