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Effective Written Communication Training

All Chapters :

01 – Communication skills improvement Training Program (JPACT) Free videos (Orientation, Day-01 & Day 02 )
02 – Grammer Essentails Videos (Day 08 to Day 11)
03 – Effective Communication (Written) Videos (Day 15 to Day 16)
Please Note:- The Communication skill trainer Priya has completed the Effective written communication training. The Orientation Free Videos are followed by Day 08 video for the appropriate flow of content next video wise numbering is Day 08 to Day 11 and then Day 15 to Day 16. Kindly ignore the video numbering mentioned in the videos.

Chapter 1: Communication skills improvement Training Program (JPACT) Free videos

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Chapter 2: Grammer Essentails Videos

Day 08: Grammar essesntials,Punctuation and Spellings, Words often confused. ,Speaking Activity.
Day 09: We must study higher levels of grammar in order to master a language and improve our ability to become an effective communicator.” Beyond “noun” and “verb,” most cannot tell us any of the other parts of speech. we learn all the advance concepts of Essential grammar.Sentence structure,Word order,Subject and predicate (object),Punctuation,Spellings,Words often confused,Types of sentences,Parts of speech,Articles and their usage,Verb and Tense rule,Voice of communication,Prepositions,Modal verbs,Conditional,Run on and fragmented sentences,Subject/ Verb agreement rules,Direct and indirect speech,Idioms and Phrases,Simple/ compound/ complex sentences,Phrase and Clause.
Day 10: Speaking Activity, Present tense /Past tense/ Future tense,Prepositions, Adverbs, Conjuctions and Interjection.
Day 11: 1. Subject and verb agreement rules 2. Speaking activity.
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Chapter 3: Effective Communication (Written) Videos

Day 15: Three-part series: Effective Meeting, Effective Presentation, Effective conference/calls, Mock Calls.
Day 16: Barriers of communication (Verbal), Effective Conference calls, Non-verbal communication, Written communication (Email writing tips), Smaple emails, Grammar quiz, Words of wisdom.
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February 22, 2017
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