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HP QTP/UFT Training and Video Tutorials

1 year of QTP/UFT Premium Subscription includes:

  • 70+ hours of detailed HQ Videos from basic to advanced QTP
  • VB Scripting, Descriptive Programming, Advanced Automation Frameworks
  • 7 Fast Track QTP Training videos: 15 hours x 7 of a quick but detailed overview to QTP with 7+ LIVE projects
  • Life-Time Access to QTP Discussion forums
  • Email and Forum based Technical Support
  • Access to QTP Scripts, PDF’s, Interview Questions, Assignments etc…

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All video pages

Following are the HP QTP/UFT Training and Video Tutorials:
HP QTP 10 Training Videos(55 videos, 40 hours)

HP UFT 11.5 Training Videos(45 videos, 30 hours)
HP QTP Fast Track – 1 (Nov-03rd 2011 Batch)
HP QTP Fast Track – 2 (Feb-22nd 2012 Batch)
HP QTP Fast Track – 3 (Nov-27th 2012 Batch)
HP QTP Fast Track – 4 (Jan-19th 2013 Batch-UFT-11 Version)
HP QTP Fast Track – 5 (Jun-16th 2014 Batch-Advanced QTP/UFT-11.5 Version)
HP UFT 12/QTP Fast Track – 6 (Nov-04th 2014 Batch-UFT-12 Version)
HP UFT 12/QTP Fast Track – 7 (April-09th 2015 Batch-UFT-12.2 Version)

HP UFT 12/QTP Fast Track – 8 (July 28th 2015 Batch-UFT)
HP QTP LIVE Project-I, II & III Videos

More information about the course

QTP/UFT Course FAQ’s
QTP/UFT Interview Questions

Payment link for QTP Video Tutorials : $450
Payment link for QTP LIVE+Video Tutorials : $500
Payment link for QTP Project Videos : $75
Payment link for QTP Project LIVE+Video : $125
Payment link for QTP Renewal : $90
(Note – Only our “QTP Premium Members” are eligible for Project Live+Videos, Project Videos and for Renewal.)
QTP/UFT Members Tech Support
QTP Welcome Pack

Detailed Course Content

QTP Course Content

Quick Test Professionals (QTP) Course Content

Below is the list of topics that have been covered extensively in the video pages listed above.

  • QTP and VB Script Fundamentals
  • QTP Actions and QTP Checkpoints
  • VB Script Functions and Read and Write from MS Excel
  • QTP Data Driven Framework – 1 (using R/W from Excel)
  • QTP Data Driven Framework – 2 (using Arrays)
  • Descriptive Programming, Smart Identification, AOM
  • QTP Working with Dynamic Applications
  • QTP Error Handling, Recovery Scenarios, Environment Variables
  • QTP Keyword-Driven Framework 1 (using shared object repository)
  • QTP Keyword Driven Framework 2 (using Descriptive Programming)
  • QTP Hybrid and other Frameworks
  • QTP Database Testing DotNetFactory and MS Word
  • FSO, Strings, Shell Scripting, Mercury Device Replay, Recordings, Virtual objects
  • QTP Interview, Resume and QTP Project Guidance
  • QTP and QC Integration
June 2, 2014
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