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HP ALM Live Training (April 06th 2015 Batch)

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HP ALM live Training Videos

01-HP ALM Videos (Orientation & Day1)
02-HP ALM Videos (Day2 to Day14)

Chapter 1: HP ALM (APPLICATION LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT) (2 videos 2 hours)

In this Playlist get an overview about Application Life cycle Management-Requirements
– Design, Coding/Build, Testing/Stabilization
– UAT, Deployment, Maintenance, Application Management Tool, HP ALM Tool
– Difference between Application Life Cycle Management and Defect Management.

Chapter 1: Files, Quiz, Assignments, Support below (for members):
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Chapter 2: HP ALM (13 videos 10+ hours)

In this playlist we learn in detail about.
– In Day 02 : Working with Site Administrator in ALM.
– In Day 03 : Working with ALM Component.
– In Day 04 : Creating Releases, cycles and Requirements in ALM.
– In Day 05 : Working with Application Life cycle Management 12.0
– In Day 06 : Working with Application Life cycle Management Test Execution.
– In Day 07 : Import and Export Test cases from Excel to Quality Center
– In Day 08 : Creating Test Sets in Test Lab.
– In Day 09 : Execution and Created different test cases.
– In Day 10 : Creating log defects.
– In Day 11 : Creating new defect.
– In Day 12 : Reports and Graphs like Test lab and default session.
– In Day 13 : How we can integrate with ALM Tool with UFT and Load Runner.
– In Day 14 : Integration with HP ALM and other functional Tools

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April 21, 2015
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