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Informatica Power Center Tutorials (11th-April-2016 Batch)

All Chapters:

01-Informatica Power Center Free Videos (Orientation Session and Demo Day 01 to Day 03)
02-Informatica Power Center Videos (Day 04 to Day 22)

Chapter 1: Informatica Power Center Free Videos (4 Videos 3+ Hours)

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Chapter 2: Informatica Power Center Videos Day 04 to Day 22

Orientation Day : Intro to Data warehousing, Informatica, What is Data warehouse and Informatica and ETL. Why you should learn Informatica, ETL definition,Informatica components, Informatica course structure, Pre requisites of Informatica?
Day 01: Informatica Architecture, Start schema Vs Snowflake schema. Installation steps of Informatica server and client tools.
Day 02: How to create Informatica repository services and Integration servioces, How to use these services in Informatica repository manager.
Day 03: Transformation types i.e active vs passive transformations, connected and unconnected trasformations. Introduction to Source Qualifier transformation.
Day 04: This video session covers Types of Trasformations and Source Qualifier transformation.
Day 05: This video covers about handling multiple sources in Source Qualifier and Handling of Flat files in targets.
Day 06: This video covers about flat file as source and target, flat file source to target data base loading, Filter transformation and introduction to Expression transformation.
Day 07: This Video covers more about the Expression transformation and functions available in the expression transformation.
Day 08: This Video talks about DECODE, ERROR handling and ABORT functionalities of Expression transformation.
Day 09: This Video talks about the Usage of Sorter Transformation and Joiner Transformation.
Day 10: This Video covers the Router transformation and difference between Filter and Router transformation.
Day 11: This Video covers the Aggregate transformation, Sequence generator transformation and Rank transformation.
Day 12: This Video talks about the Union transformation.
Day 13: This Video talks about the Connected and unconnected transformations.
Day 14: This Video talks about the Dynamic look up cache and update strategy.
Day 15: This Video covers the differences between Connected and unconnected look up, look up policy and how to return more than one port from connected look up.
Day 16: This Video covers the Explanation about Slowly Changing Dimensions (3 types SCD’s) and COding for SCD Type1.
Day 17: This Video covers the Mapping development for Slowly Changing Dimension type2 (SCD Type2).
Day 18: This Video talks about the Slowly changing dimension type3 (SCD Type3).
Day 19: This Video talks about the Informatica Variables and Parameters.
Day 20: This Video talks about the SQL transformation and stored procedure transformation.
Day 21: It talks about the Mapplets and Reusable transformations.
Day 22: It talks about the usage of PMCMD command and Advanced features of Session and workflow properties.

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April 20, 2016
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