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ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Live Training (May 2016)

ISTQB Foundation level Certification training has been designed for a entry level software tester. It has a theoretical nature and requires knowledge of software development – especially in the field of software testing.The main aim behind designing this course is to help a beginner level professional to lay a perfect foundation in his/her Testing Career.

All videos from Mobile Testing Videos:

Chapter 1: ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Live Training Free Videos (4 videos 4 hours)

Chapter 2: ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Live Training (18 videos 15+ hours)

Day-04: Discussion on Testing Principles.
Day-05: Fundamental Software Testing Process.
Day-06: Psychology of testing and Code of Ethics
Day-07: Quiz (Mock Test) on Chapter 1 and Discussion.
Day-08: Discussion on Software development life cycle models.
Day-09: Discussion in Testing Levels.
Day-10: Discussion on Testing Types.
Day-12: Static testing techniques understanding Reviews and Review Process.
Day-13: Understanding Informal reviews, Walkthroughs, Technical Reviews and Inspections in detail.
Day-14: Quiz on Chapter 3 and Discussion on Test Condition, Test, Test cases, Test Procedure.
Day-15: Discussion on Specification based to Black box test design techniques like Boundary value Analysis, Equal class partitioning, State transition techniques, Use case testing, Decision table testing.
Day-16: Discussion on Structure Based Techniques or White box testing techniques.
Day-17: Continue of Structure Based Techniques Statement Coverage and Cyclomatic complexity.
Day-18: Discussion on Experience based Techniques followed by Quiz on Chapter 4.
Day-19: Introduction to Test Management like Test Organisation, Test planning and Estimation, Tasks of Test Lead and Tester.
Day-20: Detail discussion on Test Planning, Test Estimation, Test Monitoring and Control.
Day-21: Discussion of Test Estimation Techniques Expert Based Approach, Metric based Approach.
Day-22: Discussion on Incident Management and Software Configuration Management.
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May 2, 2016
  • Tanu

    This website is a scam I have subscribed for two courses and I have access to none of them..Following up on email but no one had replied yet….Really pissed off..I have to report it soon..Please don’t subscribe to any of their courses…

  • Natasha Kashyap

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