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ISTQB Live Training

(Paid Day-04 Session on 22nd Feb, 2017 @ 5.30 PM Pacific)

ISTQB Live Training has been designed for a entry level software tester. The main aim behind designing this course is to help a beginner level professional to lay a perfect foundation in his/her Testing Career.

Your wait ends here, iTeLearn has announced ISTQB Live Training.

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With the rising need for smarter decision making systems using the real time business data hosted across systems is a must. 

These heterogeneous systems data has to be churned and made ready for decision making.

► Discussion on Testing Principles.

► Fundamental Software Testing Process.

► Psychology of testing and Code of Ethics.

► Quiz (Mock Test) on Chapter 1 and Discussion.

► Static testing techniques understanding Reviews and Review Process. 

▶ Understanding Informal reviews, Walkthroughs, Technical Reviews and Inspections in detail.

We at thrive to offer the best Training to the Millions Globally.

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