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ITeLearn QTP/UFT Installation on Windows Vista

QTP/UFT Installation on Windows Vista

Follow below steps to make QTP/UFT work with Windows VISTA

Please try the solution 1 and see if QTP/UFT works. Else try the remaining.

Solution 1:
* The security settings in Microsoft Windows Vista may prevent you from performing a QTP/UFT, such as a patch installation, or connecting to a QC/ALM project (either directly or from QTP/UFT). This can occur when the User Account Control (UAC) option in Windows Vista is set to ON, and you have not yet connected to a Quality Center project (if relevant).
Workaround: To work with QC/ALM, temporarily turn off the User Account Control (UAC) option, as follows:
1. Log in to Windows Vista as an administrator.
2. From the Control Panel, choose User Accounts > Change Security Settings.
3. Clear the Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer check box and click OK.
4. Connect to Quality Center as usual. After connecting to Quality Center, you can turn the User Account Control (UAC) option on again. Hereafter, you should be able to connect to Quality Center, as needed.


Solution 2:
* On Windows Vista, QTP/UFT seat licenses may not work correctly if you are not logged on as an administrator. (Note that concurrent licenses work as usual.)
Workaround: On Windows Vista, install QTP/UFT and any QuickTest add-ins as an administrator. To do this, right-click setup.exe from the root folder of the QuickTest Professional installation CD and choose Run as administrator.

Then, every time you open QTP/UFT open it as an administrator. To do this, right-click the QuickTest Professional icon on your desktop and choose Run as administrator.

Solution 3:
* On Windows Vista 32-bit, QuickTest Professional text recognition features (such as text checkpoints and output values, GetVisibleText and GetTextLocation test object methods, and TextUtil.GetText and TextUtil.GetTextLocation reserved object methods) are limited and are not always reliable.
Workaround: On Windows Vista, you can improve text recognition by applying the Classic Windows theme and by setting the mode key in the Windows Registry Editor to 3 – OCR only (described above).

Solution 4:
* Record and run session performance may be affected adversely when using the Mercury Screen Recorder on a computer running Windows Vista 32-bit or any 64-bit operating system. This is because some capture drivers (such as Blueberry or ASUS’ Enhanced Display Driver) cannot be installed on these operating systems. Note that if you try to install the capture driver from the Screen Recorder Options dialog box while working on one of these operating systems, an error message is displayed.

December 31, 2012

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