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ITeLearn Tips for QTP Videos

Basic info:

  • Ensure you are using Microsoft Silverlight as most videos require this.
  • Allow the video to buffer completely before you can rewind and fast forward.

QTP Fast Track LIVE Batch recordings: Contains the videos from the LIVE recorded classes. It contains 3 QTP Fast Track batches.

Topic based recordings :QTP Recorded Topics

  • Do note that some of these videos have been picked from the LIVE Batch recordings and hence may be a repeat.
  • To complete a whole training in a topic based approach, you can follow the order below.


Folder Name QTP Recorded Topics

  1. 01-QTP and VB Script Overview 6 videos 5.5 hrs
  2. 02-Actions and Checkpoints 3 videos 2.5 Hrs
  3. 03-VB Functions and XL Read/Write 3 videos 2.5 hrs
  4. 04-Data Driven Framework using R/W from Excel and Datatables 9 videos 8 hours
  5. 05- Data Driven Framework using arrays 6 videos 5 hours
  6. 06- Descriptive Programming, Ordinal Identifier, Smart Identification, Automation Object Model 4 videos 3.5 hrs
  7. 07- Working with dynamic applications DP, OI, Regular Expressions, ChildObjects, Fireevents, Mercury Device Replay. 4 videos 3.5 hrs
  8. 08-Environment Variables, Datatables, Driver Script, ErrorHandling, Recovery Scenarios 5 videos 4 hours
  9. 09-KDF1 using Shared Object Repository 2 videos 2 hours
  10. 10-KDF2 using Descriptive Programming 6 videos 5.5 hours
  11. 11-Hybrid Framework, LoadandRunAction Framework, Framework Overview 5 videos 4 hours
  12. 12-Database Testing, DotNet Factory, Microsoft Word 3 videos 2.5 hours
  13. 13-FileSystemObject (FSO), ShellScripting, Recordings – Low-Level, Analog, Virtual Objects, Mercury Device Replay, XML, Strings  3 Videos 2.5 hrs
  14. 14-Automation Challenges in real life, Interview Preparation, Project Preparation, Framework Overview 4 videos 2.5 hrs
December 31, 2012

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