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ITeLearn Video FAQ’s

Videos – FAQ Document

This document is a quick FAQ document for all users of ITeLearn’s training program and videos.

1. I am able to login in I can also see the respective training video links and the corresponding videos.However I am having issues playing the videos.
a. The 1st step is to ensure that you have the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight. Visit to install the latest version. This will help to better streams.
b. The best browser to play the videos is Google Chrome. You can download and install the latest version from
c. Videos are based on secure streaming technology. Hence you need to provide some time for the videos to load completely. Post which you will be able to easily navigate through the video timeline (Pause, Rewind, Forward, Replay etc)

2. I am able to login to However I am unable to see any Quick Access links to the videos
a. This must have happened because you are not given access to the right membership level.
b. Email us immediately at so that we can add you to the right ITeLearn membership level.

3. I am not able to download class files and scripts.
a. See if the Download option is active.
b. If its Inactive send a mail to for help.
c. Class files are Zip files,they should be downloaded and saved on your system.
d. They can be accessed from the QTP /Selenium Tool.

4. I am unable to watch only specific videos .
a. Try to play them on a different browser and check.

5. I am having issues viewing the videos. It is taking almost 4-5 hours to view an hour of video. Also, the buffering stops in between and have to restart it.
a. Check if you have decent internet speed for faster streaming.
b. If the internet speed is fine.As a alternate play the videos on a different browser.

6. QTP 10 or 11 compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS
A. Yes it does work on this operating system.

7. Is it hard to learn QTP?
a. QTP is a very popular tool in the Software Test Automation Market due to its advanced features and powerful scripting (VB Script). Hence, to master the tool it will take time, effort and patience(avg of 1 to 3 months). However, my tutorials have been specifically made to make learning QTP for beginners easy and still provide very advanced topics.

8. What are the pre-requisites for learning QTP?
a. Nothing specific. The videos have been oriented for absolute beginners. However, basic computer skills and MS Office skills are essential.

9. Can you please help, as there is no continuity between QTP recorded chapter wise videos?
a. QTP chapter topics have mostly been picked from Live webinars and flow for each topic is usually different. For example the application in chapter 2 will be different from the application shown in chapter 1 and may lack continuation.While there may be a feel of a break in continuation please note that the intent of this specific topic is to give a good in-depth overview of the topic listed. Hence please focus on the topic that you are currently watching and not as a continuation from the previous chapter.
IF you choose to go through the entire course in one continuous flow please refer to the fast track.These fast tracks are a shorter version covering the most important aspects of the tutorial.

10. QTP-10 is compatible with which operating systems?
a. QTP-10 is compatible with Windows xp 32 bit SP2, 3, WIndows xp 64 bit SP2, Vista, Windows 7.

11. QTP-11 is compatible with which operating systems?
a. QTP 11 is compatible with Windows xp SP2,3; Vista SP2, Windows 7.

11. QTP-11.5 is compatible with which operating systems?
a. QTP 11.5 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (UFT 11.52)
Give numberingg 6, 7, 8 n add so on

12. What is keyword view and Expert view in QTP?
a. Keyword View is an icon based view which shows test steps in tabular format. It also automatically generates documentation for the test steps.Expert View gives the corresponding VB Script statement for every test step in the Keyword view.

December 31, 2012

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