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Mobile App Testing (Andriod) Tutorials

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These course gives you a brief overview of Fundamental concepts of Mobile App Testing. Differences from Web app testing. How to start a Mobile App Testing project from scratch. Designing and setting up a mobile app testing lab. Exposure to various mobile devices and platforms. iOS and Android primarily. Native Apps, Mobile Browser Apps, Hybrid Apps. Real-Device, Simulation, Emulator, Reflector testing. Detailed defect reporting, screenshots etc. Challenges, Uniqueness and Best practices for MAT. The new collection covers real device testing on iOS, iPAD and iPhone, automation using DeviceAnywhere, AndroidDriver in Java and Robotium.

All Chapters:

01-Mobile App Testing Free Videos (2 videos, 50 minutes)
02-MobileAppTesting-Android-Week02 (7 videos)
03-MobileAppTesting-Android-Week03 (12 videos)

Chapter 1: Mobile App Testing (Android) Tutorials Free Videos (2 videos, 50 minutes)

In this playlist, you are introduced to What is mobile app testing?, Types of mobile apps, Types of mobile devices, Challenges, Importance, Critical, Best Practices in Mobile Testing Why focus on Mobile Testing?, Questions, Basic Application Functionality: Look at Web or Docs, Write down few basic functional tests, Execute the functional test cases on the web and How does the app look on a Mobile browser? To apply for membership, please visit our Pricingpage.

Chapter 1: Files, Quiz, Assignments, Support below (for members):
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Chapter 2: MobileAppTesting-Android-Week02

In this playlist, you are introduced to “Customize functional test case for the Mobile browser, Execute Mobile web app test cases on PC/Laptop, What is Android SDK, Download and Install Android SDK, Android Virtual Device, Install a sample Android Virtual Device Manager, Test Mobile App using Mobile Browser on an Emulator, Executing Test Cases on Mobile Browser, What is important for Mobile Web App Testing? UI, Functionality, Cross Browser, Broken views, Project 2, Repeat all steps from Project 1 on a different project”

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Chapter 3: MobileAppTesting-Android-Week03

In this playlist, you are introduced to Project 2, Repeat all steps from Project 1on a different project, What are Android apk files?, Installing APK files for Android Emulators, Creating Test Cases for Android Emulators, Executing Test Cases and Reporting Defects.
Project 3 Native App Testing, Budget Droid, Install APK on devices, Create Test Cases FD ,TD, Stable App, Execute Test Cases, Report Defects, Mobile App Testing Best Practices, Mobile App Testing Strategies and Mobile App Testing Checklist.

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July 11, 2013

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