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Mobile App Testing Training Apr 2017

All videos from April 2017 batch:

Ch-01-Mobile App Testing Free videos (Day 01 & Day 02)
Ch-02-Mobile App Testing Paid Videos (Day 03 to Day 17)

Day-01 – Introduction to Appium, Trend Analysis, Evaluation criteria between various tools.
Day-02 – Architecture of Appium for iOS and Android, S/w and H/w pre-requisites for Setup of Appium on Windows / iOS, Infrastructure Diagram for Android setup.

Chapter 1: Mobile App Testing Free Videos (Day 01 & Day 02)

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Day-03 – Installation of JAVA , Android SDK, SDK Manager, Genymotion Virtual Device, Appium Desktop app. Configuring Environment Variables.
Day-04 – Setup for Python, Eclipse, Basic Appium Desktop app.
Day-05 – Basic Appium Script for Appium in Python, Desired Capabilities, Steps to find appPackage and appActivity values from System Info for Android app.
Day-06 – Element Locating Mechanism – Appium Inspector on Android, Locating element based on id and accessibility id attributes, introduction to xpaths.
Day-07 – Element Locating mechanism – Locating element based on xpaths, UISelector class, Introduction to Contexts in the app.
Day-08 – Contexts Switching, Remote Debugging Using Chrome Inspect.
Day-09 – Getting Element Attributes from WebView Contexts.
Day-10 – [Touch Actions] Scroll Swipe and Tap.
Day-11 – [Touch Actions] Multitouch Zoom, Appium CLI with arguments.
Day-12 – Appium CLI arguments, Misc methods – start_activity, background_app, install_app, remove_app, is_app_installed.
Day-13 – [iOS] Introduction to Software requirements for Appium on Mac OS(OSX platform) , Installation steps for npm, brew, xcode. Install UICatalog app on 9.3 iOS simulator.
Day-14 – [iOS] Setup Appium CLI on OSX, Appium Inspector for Simulator and Real device. Install UICatalog app on real device.
Day-15 – [iOS] Setup Appium on iOS 10+, Install Webdriver Agent on 10+ iOS version devices, Switching between Xcode versions according to the iOS platform versions to work with. Appium Inspector for iOS 10+, Launch UICatalog app on iOS 10+ and 9.3 versions of Simulator using Python scripts.
Day-16 – [iOS] Basic UI Actions , Date Picker, Progress Bar (Sliders), Alert Views.
Day-17 – [iOS] Elaborative description on Sliders, Drag and Drop, Multitouch Zoom.

Chapter 2: Mobile App Testing paid Videos (Day 03 to Day 17)

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