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Mobile Testing Course Content

Mobile Testing Course Content

Chapter 1: Introduction to Mobile Device Testing

  • 1.1 What is all about Mobile Device Testing?
  • 1.2 Why is it required?
  • 1.3 Terminologies used in telecom industry
  • 1.4 Knowing about Mobile OS/Platform
  • 1.5 Introduction to different mobile devices

Chapter 2: Setting up an Android Environment on your PC

  • 2.1 What is emulator ?
  • 2.2 How to install an emulator?
  • 2.3 How to launch first app on emulator?
  • 2.4 Explore the capabilities of emulator
  • 2.5 Install a real time application on emulator

Chapter 3: Testing in Mobile Domain

  • 3.1 Mobile Application Testing
  • 3.2 Mobile Handset Testing
  • 3.3 Mobile Website Testing
  • 3.4 Test cases and general scenarios for mobile application

Chapter 4: Types of Mobile Apps Testing

  • 4.1 User Interface Testing
  • 4.2 Functional Testings
  • 4.3 Usability Testing
  • 4.4 Compatibility Testing
  • 4.5 Interrupt Testing
  • 4.6 Certification Testing
  • 4.7 Performance and Stress Testing
  • 4.8 Unique Challenges in Mobile testing

Chapter 5: Mobile Application Testing on IPAD IOS Andriod IPhone

  • 5.1 Fundamental concepts of mobile app testing
  • 5.2 Differences from Web app testing
  • 5.3 How to start a mobile app testing project from scratch
  • 5.4 Designing and setting up a mobile app testing lab
  • 5.5 Exposure to various mobile devices and platforms. iOS and Android primarily
  • 5.6 Native Apps, Mobile Browser Apps, Hybrid Apps
  • 5.7 Real-Device, Simulation, Emulator, Reflector testing. Detailed defect reporting, screenshots etc
  • 5.8 Challenges, Uniqueness and Best practices for MAT
  • 5.9 Automation Tools: DeviceAnywhere, AndroidDriver in Java and Robotium

Chapter 6: Mobile App Testing – Appium

  • 6.1 Significance of Mobile Automation, Introduction to Appium, Evaluation Criteria for Test Automation Framework, Architecture, InfraStructure information for Test Automation, Software Pre-requisites.
  • 6.2 Steps for Installation and Configuration,Installation and configuration of Appium, Android Sdk,Setting up Virtual Devices using Genymotion, Oracle Virtual Box, Pdanet on Mobile and computer.
  • 6.3 Launching Hybrid App
    Installation and Configuration of Eclipse and Pydev perspective.
    Basic script to Launch a Hybrid App (Email app) using Appium Driver class of Appium Bindings.
    Setting Desired Capabilities specific to Application Under Test.
  • 6.4 Element Locating using UIAutomatorViewer.
    Element Locating Mechanism, UIAutomatorViewer,Element by Id, Xpath,UISelector Class
  • 6.5 Working with Dropdown(Spinner) and Text boxes,Working with Drop Down menu options eg the Spinner Objects, Populating text in the text box Using Node Details of the element to get attributes.
  • 6.6 Unittest Framework,Unittest Test Framework to write scripts inform of test script.
  • 6.7 Context Switches Showcase of switching between Contexts of the Application i.e. NATIVE_APP for Native part of the app and WEBVIEW for webkit.
    Remote Debugging to locate elements in the Webview using Chrome Inspect plugin app.
  • 6.8 Touch Actions
    Drag and Drop, Scroll
  • 6.9 Touch Actions
    Swipe,Tap, Pinch, Zoom Keystrokes.Multi-touch actions
  • 6.10 Hosting Appium with CLI
    Running Appium with Specified Configuration through CLI. Connecting to specific device with running instance.
    Significance of different arguments supported by Appium
  • 6.11 Miscellaneous Capabilities
    Get file from Device and Push to Device.
    Application Management (Backgrounding Application, Installing Application, Checking Applications Installation status, Removing Application, Resetting Application)
    Other Methods (start_activity, set a value directly on an element, lock device, shake device)
  • 6.12 Selenium Grid
    Showcase to execute the same test script on multiple devices using Appium driven by Selenium Grid.
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