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Mobile Testing Videos – Appium


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All videos from Mobile Testing Videos-Appium:

01-Mobile Testing Videos (Day 01 & Day 02)
02-Mobile Testing Videos (Day 03 to Day 13)

Chapter 1: Mobile Testing Videos-Appium Free Videos

Day 01-: Significance of Mobile Automation, Introduction to Appium, Evaluation Criteria for Test Automation Framework, Architecture, InfraStructure information for Test Automation, Software Pre-requisites.

Day 02-: Steps for Installation and Configuration
Installation and configuration of Appium, Android Sdk.
Setting up Virtual Devices using Genymotion, Oracle Virtual Box, Pdanet on Mobile and computer.

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Chapter 2: Mobile Testing Videos-Appium

Day-3 : Launching Hybrid App
Installation and Configuration of Eclipse and Pydev perspective.
Basic script to Launch a Hybrid App (Email app) using Appium Driver class of Appium Bindings.
Setting Desired Capabilities specific to Application Under Test.

Day-4 : Element Locating using UIAutomatorViewer
Element Locating Mechanism, UIAutomatorViewer,
Element by Id, Xpath
UISelector Class

Day-5 : Working with Dropdown(Spinner) and Text boxes
Working with Drop Down menu options eg the Spinner Objects, Populating text in the text box
Using Node Details of the element to get attributes

Day-6 : Unittest Framework
Unittest Test Framework to write scripts inform of test script.
Day-7 : Context Switches
Showcase of switching between Contexts of the Application i.e. NATIVE_APP for Native part of the app and WEBVIEW for webkit.
Remote Debugging to locate elements in the Webview using Chrome Inspect plugin app.

Day-8 : Touch Actions
Drag and Drop, Scroll.

Day-9 : Touch Actions
Swipe,Tap, Pinch, Zoom Keystrokes.
Multi-touch actions.

Day-10 : Hosting Appium with CLI
Running Appium with Specified Configuration through CLI. Connecting to specific device with running instance.
Significance of different arguments supported by Appium.

Day-11 : Miscellaneous Capabilities
Get file from Device and Push to Device.
Application Management (Backgrounding Application, Installing Application, Checking Applications Installation status, Removing Application, Resetting Application)
Other Methods (start_activity, set a value directly on an element, lock device, shake device).

Day-12: Selenium Grid Showcase to execute the same test script on multiple devices using Appium driven by Selenium Grid.

Day-13: Appium Integration with Selenium Grid.

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February 17, 2016
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