Mobile App Testing Live Training

Core Idea: To learn Automating the tests to be done on Mobile Applications.Using Appium tool we can learn to automate UI actions of the tests on iOS , Android platforms. Another takeaway would be to get comfortable working with Appium Framework.

Intent: Understand the methodologies implemented in Appium and use the framework to perform different types of tests on Mobile applications on Android and iOS. To raise the level and value of the Interview Candidate and make more competitive.

Prerequisite: Any programming language, basics of html, javascript.
Date and Time: 25th & 27th Free Day 01 and Day 02 Demo Sessions @ 5.30-6.30PM Pacific.
Date & Time: Paid Training : 2nd May to 17th May (Mon to Thu) @ 6.30-7.30PM Pacific.
Live Project: : 18th May Free Day-01 Demo Session.
Paid Pjt Training: : 22nd May to 8th June (Mon & Thu) @ 6.30 PM to 7.30 PM PDT



  • Real time interview questions.
  • Perfect fit for those looking to enter IT industry.
  • Perfect course for beginners and QA Engineers who plan to move to Automation.
  • Perfect course for QA engineers working on Mobile App testing.
  • Learning Automation Testing as a Appium Test Framework Developer, will become fairly easy.
  • Training content

    Topic Presenter Duration (in minutes) Day (1 hour per day)
    What is Mobile App Testing? Why is QA important? Why is Mobile App Testing highly demanding? Can you do it? 15 1
    Architecture of Appium Tool 30 2  
    InfraStructure Setup diagram for Appiumtool 30 2  
    Setup on Windows machine - Installation and walkthrough on Appium UI tool 30 3  
    Setup for Android SDK Setting up Python, Eclipse IDE Setting up Virtual Device for Android Platform and Real device for android platform 30 3  
    Setting up Virtual Devices using Genymotion, Oracle Virtual Box, Pdanet on Mobile and computer. 60 4  
    Writing Test Scripts for Android Apps – Basic script to Launch a Hybrid App (Email app) using Appium Driver class of Appium Bindings. Setting Desired Capabilities specific to Application Under Test Application Management scripts 60 5  
    Element Locating Mechanism - Introduction to UIAutomator Viewer Element Locating Mechanism, UIAutomatorViewer, Element by Id, Xpath, UISelector Class Working with Drop Down menu options eg the Spinner Objects, Populating text in the text box Using Node Details of the element to get attributes 60 6  
    Context Switches – Showcase of switching between Contexts of the Application i.e. NATIVE_APP for Native part of the app and WEBVIEW for webkit. Remote Debugging to locate elements in the Webview using Chrome Inspect plugin app. 30 7  
    Touch Actions – Drag and Drop, Scroll Swipe,Tap, Pinch, Zoom Keystrokes. Multi-touch actions 120 7,8  
    Command Line Run – Running Appium with Specified Configuration through CLI. Connecting to specific device with running instance. Significance of different arguments supported by Appium 60 9  
    APPIUM WITH IOS – Introduction / Setup Instructions - Introduction to Setup details. Installation steps for Appium and Configuration. Xcode - Steps to setup Xcode, Command Line Tools, Ios Simulator, Compiling App on the Simulator 60 10  
    Appium Inspector - Techniques to launch Inspector and ways to use it. Identify UI elements with Inspector. 60 11  
    iOS Simulator - Demonstration to write python code to load Native App on Ios Simulator and perform basic UI actions UI actions - Demonstration of Driving various types of UI elements on UICatalog app using Appium Date Picker, Alert Views, Progress Views 60 12  
    Touch Actions - Demonstration of Various Gesture Actions using Appium on IOS Simulator. Drag and Drop, Zoom, Tap 60 13  
    Total Training Hours   13
    Total Project Hours   08
    Total Course   21

    Training Features


    Live Training 3 weeks, 12 hours and Live Project 3 weeks 8 hours.


    - Anyone looking for an IT job.
    - Basics of MS Office (MS Word and MS Excel)

    Ideal Trainees

    - Non IT
    - Any web developer or web designer who are into ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, etc.,

    Why learn Mobile App Testing?:

    - Mobile Applications are in high demand across various domains. This brings in lot of opportunities in any Business to Develop and Test the applications on every Smart phone available in the market.
    - Android and iOS being mostly used Platforms it becomes critical to deliver the Apps in Play Store/App Store within short time to start making business for the End User.
    - Appium is an Open Source Test Automation Framework having Large User community and User friendly way to use for Developing Test Automation Framework for Mobile Apps on Android and iOS platform.