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Positive Attitude and Confidence Building Training

All Chapters :

CH01 – Positive Attitude and Confidence Building Free videos (Day 01)

CH02 – Positive Attitude and Confidence Building Paid videos (Day-03 to Day-07)

Day 01:
a.Simple Tips for Developing a Positive Attitude.
b.Benefits of a Positive Attitude.
c.How positive attitude leads to success and happiness.
d.How to manifest positive thinking.

Chapter 1: Positive Attitude and Confidence Building Training free video (Day 01)

Day 02:
a.4 pillars to positive attitude.
b.Positive attitude word list.
c.Define Confidence.
d.How to have self-confidence (20 keys).

Day 03:
a.Mindset principles
b.4-point pre interview confidence plan of action.

Day 04:
a.Confidence building tips
b.Ways and method
c.Confidence in professional relationships.

Day 05:
a.How attitude and confidence affect life?.
b.Tips and ways to be great.
c.Masisve action and change.

Day 06:
a.What can you do to improve your Self Image?.
b.20 Secrets to life you want – Done Secrets to life you what to create.
c.20 tips to strengthen you – Done tips to strengthen you.
d.50 positive mindset goals in life List of fifty goals in life.
e.25 confident attraction tips.

Day 07:
a.Final tips to confidence.
b.Recap/ summary.
c.Team exercise.
d.Concept sharing.
e.Confidence can help get jobs.
f.Positive thinking is the key.

Chapter 2: Positive Attitude and Confidence Building Training Paid Videos (Day 02 to Day 07)

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March 6, 2017
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