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PLSQL Live Training May 2017

All Chapters :

01 – PL/SQL Live Training Free videos ( Day 01 to Day 03 )

02 – PL/SQL Live Training Paid videos ( Day 04 )

Chapter 1: PL/SQL Live Training Free videos (Day 01 to Day 03)

Day 03: Discusses about basics of SQL – DDL and DML scripts

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Chapter 2: PL/SQL Live Training Paid Videos (Day 04 to Day 16)

Day 04 to 06: Discusses about SQL Basics
Day 07 to 09: Discusses about DML Scripts
Day 10: Discusses JOINS
Day 11: Discusses conditional operators in SQL
Day 13: Discusses decode and conditional statements
Day 14: Discuss Variables, Constants, Operators, and Condition.
Day 15: Discusses String, Arrays, and Operators
Day 16: Discusses cursors.records
Day 17: Discusses about Exceptions, Records, Packages

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May 30, 2017
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