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QA/Manual Testing Live Training (15th Oct 2015)

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All Chapters:

01-QA/Manual Testing Live Training ((Orientation, Day 01 & Day 02 Demo Sessions )

02-QA/Manual Testing Live Training ( Day 03 to Day 10 )

Chapter 1: QA/Manual Testing Live Training Free Videos(3 videos, 2.5 hours)

In this playlist you are introduced to how to become a true and valued Software Testing Professional? and Understand the fundamentals of Testing and Quality Assurance. If you are a member, login here. To apply for membership, please visit our Pricing page.

Day 01 : Introduction to SW Testing, Importance of Testing, Difference between QA(Quality Assurance) and QC(Quality Control)
Day 02: Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC), Understanding the Test Scenarios/User Scenarios, Understanding Test Cases.
Day 05 : “Understanding the Black Box testing techniques “Boundary Value Analysis(BVA)” and “Equal Class Partitioning(ECP)” followed by writing more test cases.
Day 07 : Creating Test Cases for Functional, Security and Performance Requirements.
Day 08 : Executing the Test Cases and Updating the Test Results.
Day 09 : Understanding the Defect Life Cycle, Duplicate, Similar and Dependenat Defects.
Day 10 : Create/Logging the Defects with required Defect Details.

Chapter 2: QA/Manual Testing Live Training

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