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QTP Tutorials – Beginner Level (Test 1)

QTP Tutorials for Beginners (Test 1)

Karthik’s HP QuickTest Professional training program has been designed and perfected for a beginner level professional who is seeking to lay a perfect foundation for an Automation Testing Career. This course offers you over 20 hours of video content, interview questions and answers, live project work and assignments.

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Chapter 1: QTP and VB Script Fundamentals

In this Chapter you are introduced to the world of Automation Testing with HP QTP (QuickTest Professional). A slow and steady introduction to the core automation engine and VB Scripting. Topics covered: “Automation Engine – 1st Project, How Record and Run works?, Expert View is THE Focus, Writing our own 1st VB Script program, QTP Objects, Logical Names, Obj Repositories, Methods, Datatypes, Variables, Parameters, Watch Variables, Condition Statements – If-Else, Select-Case, Loops – For-Next, Do-While, Object Identification, Object Spy, Debug Run, Breakpoints, Run-Error Solutions, Synchronization vs Wait.”

#01 – 42min

QTP Record and Run


QTP and VBScript Fundamentals

#03 – 59min

QTP and VBScript Fundamentals

#04 – 83min

QTP and VBScript Fundamentals

#05 – 62min

QTP Record and Run

#06 – 39min

QTP Record and Run

Chapter 1: Files, Quiz, Support below (for members):
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Chapter 2: QTP Actions and QTP Checkpoints

In this Chapter you are introduced to the QTP standard features Action & checkpoints. Topics covered: “Working with Actions, Reusable Actions, Calling Actions from other actions, Pass Input and Output Parameters between Actions, Create and associate Shared Object Repositories with Actions, Overview on various Check points, VBScript development to achieve the same result as checkpoints.”

#01 – 55min

QTP Actions 1

#02 – 47min

QTP Actions 2

#03 – 50min

QTP Checkpoints

Chapter 2: Files, Quiz, Support below (for members):
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