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Selenium Fast Track -10 (Mar-1st 2016 Batch)

All videos from Mar 1st 2016 fast track 10 batch:

01-Selenium Webdriver Live Training Free videos (Orientation & Day 1)
02-Selenium Webdriver Live Training (Day 02 to Day 36)

Chapter 1: Selenium Free videos

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Chapter 1: Files, Quiz, Assignments, Support below (for members):
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Chapter 2: Selenium Webdriver Live Training

Day-02: Recap of orientation and Day1, followed by working with Selenium IDE.
Day-03: Working with IDE creating Test Suite, Test Cases, Inserting Commands, Working with Run Options.
Day-04: Working with Selenium IDE, creating script manually. Understanding use of Firebug and Firepath.
Day-05: Working with XPath creation. Creating Absolute and Relative XPath.
Day-06: Working with CSS mechanism to identify the locators. Creating a script for the project manually. Scheduling the script to run automatically.
Day-07: Creating basic Java program and configuring Selenium Web driver with Eclipse
Day-08: Integrating Selenium Web driver with Eclipse and creating Script for web application.
Day-09: Creating web driver scripts using locator identification strategies and using web element object.
Day-10: Working with web driver driver Commands like get, getPagesource, getURL, get title etc.
Day-11: Working with driver Interaction Commands like FindElement, Sendkeys, Click, is displayed, is Enabled etc..
Day-12: Stared working with drop down elements. Getting all the items from a list and display.
Day-13: Write a script to check an item exists in a list. Script to check list is a multi select list or not. How to select multiple items.
Day-14: Working with predefined methods like get attributes, get size, get location, get text etc..
Day-15: Working with find elements option, finding all the links on a webpage, all buttons and text boxes on a page.
Day-16: Working with multiple radio buttons, creating Implicit and Explicit wait statements. Creating class with multiple methods.
Day-18: Working TestNG Framework part1.
Day-19: Working TestNG Framework part2.
Day-20: Working TestNG Framework part3.
Day-21: Working TestNG Framework part4.
Day-22: Working with Apache POI to read the data from Excel.
Day-23: Working with Apache POI to read the data from Excel.
Day-24: Working with Data Driven Framework.
Day-25: Handling Alerts using Alert Interface.
Day-26: Handling dynamically changing Windows.
Day-27: Working with webtables and Actions builder class.
Day-28: Working with Action builder to Mouse hover, Drag and Drop. Taking screenshots in case of any test fails.
Day-29: Working with POM(Page Object Model) and PageFactory Class.
Day-30: Working with Selenium Grid Part1.
Day-31: Working with Selenium Grid 2.0.
Day-32: Database testing using JDBC Driver for mySQL database.
Day-33: Working with Apache Maven Build Software(Part1).
Day-34 – Working with Apache Maven Build Software (Part2).

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March 24, 2016
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