SLP will begin from 18th Jul and end by 15th Aug (Tue & Fri) at 7.30 PM Pacific.

We know that learning and mastering Selenium fundamentals on Webdriver & programming tool is not sufficient to land you in a job. To maximize your chances to get into a high end job, you need to have hands on experience in a real time project environment. 

By a High end job we mean a job with a handsome package.
In the present day environment, it is not easy to get this experience. So, we at iTeLearn, would like to make this happen to our valued members.

  • As part of Real-Time project we assign a team of typically 5 to 10 members.
  • Members join together as a team and work on executing a project
  • Weekly 2 sessions are conducted where in each team shows they progress on live project.
  • ITeLearn Tech Team mentors give the needed guidance and support as needed.
  • Help you gain hands on experience and confidence to face the interviews and real-life projects.
Click here to find our previous batch Selenium Project recorded videos.

Don't Take Our Word For It. Here's What Our Live Project Members Say.

I really enjoyed working on the project but was little bit disappointed when only 2 people were active out of 7. That was a real challenge as we couldn't complete the project as per our test plan. This project has increased my confidence and I feel that I can talk about my project confidently. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Silvi Thomas

Absolutely yes, MoST is a wonderful program, and the recent selenium project gave an amazing experience, I had learnt complete project scenario from Test Plan, Test cases, Selenium IDE code, java code integrating the code, JDBC Test Runner etc. I honestly Thank you and Kartik for giving us such a good opportunity, to work on a real time environment...... Thanks a ton,


Thanks for giving us such a good opportunity to learn so many things which will be great asset and useful for our professional future. It was good experience of working with team and learning from other teams too. Karthik you are an excellent teacher, when you explain anything it becomes very easy to understand. Now I am very confident and I am sure it will help me a lot in future.

Suman Maurya

We learned a lot from this live project.Now we know how to interact with team, face challenges and how to solve, project approach, time lines..... everything. Thank you for let me in and completed this project.

Sam Koduri

The project is really good and can be recommended for those who wants to QA or Automation testing and those who wants to upgrade their skills in this area. The teaching no doubt fantastic and really made me 100% involvement in to subject/project.We really enjoyed and learned,shared,reviewed Test cases,Test Scenarios,as a Team and implemented the suggestions given by Karthik and Manoj. From my side I felt some time audio breaks that's it otherwise fantastic program.

RamaKirshna Rao

I found it to be much more fulfilling than just watching videos. I am non-IT and have NO experience in QA. This project allowed me to work hands-on and learn more about working with others and simulated a real life experience. I do wish the feedback we got were more detailed and extensive, yet the time would not allow it. I did appreciate Karthik's asking us interview questions and giving us tips on how we can better ourselves. All in all, I'd love to work on another project from ITeLearn. Thank you very much!

Kamrum Hassan

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How is the Live Training different from Live Project?

In LIVE Training, we take practical projects and use them as a platform to teach and help you master various tools and techniques in IT field. You will get a great stretch of knowledge by looking at our video content or participating in LIVE Training webinars. Do note that all the LIVE Webinars get recorded and are made available for reference to app members who are eligible to view that course.
– In LIVE project, we assign you into a team of typically 5 to 10 members. Each of you work together with the other team members in executing a project that has been given to you. ITeLearn team organizes a webinar 2 times a week, where each team comes and presents their progress on the LIVE project. ITeLearn Tech team, then gives direction, support and the learnings that shape in giving you the much needed hands-on experience and confidence to face the interviews and real-life projects.
– Do note that you must a be part of the LIVE or Video training for a course to be eligible to get access to LIVE Project for that course.

What is the Pre-requisite for the Live Project Training?

Pre-Requisites :
Watch atleast : Selenium Live Training one Fast Track Batch videos

I don’t need training. Can we join only for project?

No, here is the reason why:
– As we often refer to specific videos to be viewed during the project execution.
– LIVE project has ZERO training, we won’t even support you during project execution.
– We teach you to be independent and get help from team, forum and our videos, as we try to replicate real-world environment.
– Our participation in the review meetings is to give what is good and what is bad in your project execution so far.
– You will be the only 1 in your team who will not have video access and that will not help you.

Why should I take training from ITeLearn?

 We are different from others based on, the Quality and ownership of Training. Basically modules/curriculum, videos and live training that we provide and the style of delivery/implementation is world class. In all sorts of training, it is the trainer that has major role to play. If trainer is good, training shall undoubtedly be excellent. We can assure of having highly qualified, experienced and renowned professionals.

What are the Selenium Live Project Details?

These LIVE projects are actual projects seeking assistance on QA and Testing. As part of this, project you would be participating in a 1 week exercise that will lead to
A. Exposure on How to perform Application Testing in Real Projects
B. Deciding the right framework for a project.
C. How to design, build, deploy and maintain a suitable Framework for the project?
D. Interacting with other automation team members and ensuring to collectively resolve challenges.
E. Experience that you can refer to on your resume.
F. Confidently show case your skill and expertise in interviews

What is the fee for Selenium Live Project?

Want to join? Here are the Steps
New Member: 
- Selenium complete training videos - $450
- Selenium complete training LIVE + videos - $500
- Selenium training Live +Videos + Live Project - $531.25

Existing Member can pay - $125 to join the Selenium Live Project.

For more details you can email us at