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Selenium live Training (May-June) 2017

All videos from May-Jun 2017 batch:

Ch-01-Selenium Live Training Free videos (Day 01 and Day 08)
Ch-02-Selenium Live Training Paid Videos (Day 9 to 19)

Chapter 1: Selenium Live Training Free Videos (Day 01 & Day 08)

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Chapter 2: Selenium Live Training Paid Videos (Day 09)

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June 21, 2017
  • Pooja Anand

    Hi Karthik – I am going through the May-June2017 recorded videos of Selenium training ; am due to join LIVE batch from 9th Oct.I am trying to install IDE – Learnt that it does not work with the latest version of Firefox which is version 55.Solution I have tried is :
    Installed older version of Firefox – version 54 – unchecked auto update in the browser settings – then also once I connect to internet – auto update to version 55 happens and IDE is not working with this version 55.Please advise how to get around to fix this installation issue. It will be a great help if I can work on and get started with IDE basics before LIVE Batch starts. Thank You.

  • Pooja Anand

    Hi Karthik – Regarding Appium Studio which is the Selenium equivalent for Mobile testing – Is it only for iOS and not android ? Please let me know. Thanks !

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