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Immediate Requirements: QA & Automation Engineer, Lead Performance Engineer, Test Manager & Oracle Consultant. (for candidates in USA) Rush your resumes

Selenium WebDriver + Robot Framework + Python Programming LIVE Training Course Content

Pre-requisite: Should have general Idea of Locator Strategies of Selenium

Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • Need for the Robust Framework.
  • Good Reporting of test runs.
  • Features
  • Demo

Chapter 2 :Installation and Configuration

  • Installation with Python, PIP utility. Installing Robot Framework libraries.
  • Eclipse, Robot Framework Plugin

Chapter 3 :Creating First Script

  • Pybot Concept, Script file extensions (.txt or .robot). Reports and Logs of the test runs. Settings, Testcases, Variables

Chapter 4 :Integration of Python

  • Creating Python scripts and calling them into Robot Framework.

Chapter 5,Chapter 6 :Standard Libraries

  • Builtin
  • Xml
  • Operating System
  • Strings
  • Collections

Chapter 7 :Data Structures

  • List, Dictionaries

Chapter 8 :Conditional Flow

  • If Else
  • For Loop

Chapter 9 :External Libraries

  • Selenium2Library, Launch Browser, Locator Using Methods in Robot Framework. Page Object Model.

Chapter 10 :Data Driven and keyword Driven Framework

  • Using XML to read Test data, Using keyword methods as utilities.
  • Parameterized Keywords
  • Parameterized pybot command

Chapter 11 :Setup and Teardown

  • Suite and Tests Setup and Teardown

Chapter 12 :Tags

  • Tagging Strategies for grouping the Test Suites.

Chapter 13 :Reports

  • Generating Customized reports. Report Title, suite level. Rebot Library to merge reports of multiple runs.

Chapter 14 :Continuous Integration

  • Integration of Robot runs using Jenkins. Jenkins Plugin for Robot Framework.

Chapter 15 :Parallel Test Execution

  • Using Pabot utility and Selenium Grid to execute multiple tests in parallel
October 20, 2016
October 20, 2016
  • Mayank Srivastav

    I am looking for the video tutorial for “Selenium WebDriver + Robot Framework + Python Programming” Course.
    Can you please let me know the fee


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