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Software Testing Fundamentals, JIRA Tutorials, Bugzilla Tutorials

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Software Testing Fundamentals Training Videos(18 videos, 13 hours)
QA Live Training-Feb 2015
QA Live Training-July 2015
QA Live project-I
QA Live project-II
QA Live project-III

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QA/Manual Testing Course FAQ’s
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Next QA LIVE Batch schedule – QA+Jira+Bugzilla Live Training + Live Project (07th July 2015)
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Detailed Course Content

QA/Manual Testing Course Content

QA JIRA Bugzilla Course Content

Chapter 1: Basics of QA

  • 1.1 How to become a true and valued Software Testing Professional
  • 1.2 Understand the fundamentals of Testing and Quality Assurance
  • 1.3 Understand the basic concepts of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • 1.4 High level details into Requirements, Design, Build phases
  • 1.5 What are Functional Requirements Document, Technical Requirement Documents
  • 1.6 Roles of a Business Analyst(BA), Technical Architect, Developer, Tester
  • 1.7 Role of an IT department within any organization or any business model
  • 1.8 Understand various SDLC models
  • 1.9 Waterfall Model, Iterative Model, V Model, Spiral Model
  • 1.10 Performing parallel software testing/STLC along with SDLC
  • 1.11 Rapid Application Development, Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming
  • 1.12 How to write a Business Requirement Document (BRD)?
  • 1.13 How to write a Functional Requirement Document (FRD)?
  • 1.14 How to write a System Requirement Specification (SRS)?
  • 1.15 Intro to Traceability Matrix
  • 1.16 As-Is and To-Be architecture diagrams
  • 1.17 How to write a Use Case Document?
  • 1.18 How to write a Use Case Diagram?
  • 1.19 Understanding the concept of Use Cases
  • 1.20 Defining a system architecture at high level
  • 1.21 Creating a system process
  • 1.22 Further discussions on naming conventions
  • 1.23 Importance of Domain/Functional knowledge in Software Testing
  • 1.24 How to write test cases from Use Case Document?
  • 1.25 Importance of test case coverage
  • 1.26 Importance of writing detailed test steps for every test case
  • 1.27 Do we write test cases before we perform testing, everytime?

Chapter 2: JIRA Basics

  • 2.1 Challenge in the current manual testing model
  • 2.2 Defect Life Cycle
  • 2.3 What is JIRA?
  • 2.4 Why is JIRA needed?
  • 2.5 What is the importance of JIRA?
  • 2.6 How to install JIRA?
  • 2.7 What are the features of JIRA?
  • 2.8 How to create a JIRA project
  • 2.9 Adding Users to our JIRA Account
  • 2.10 Importance of Defect Life Cycle and understanding the various stages or states of a defect
  • 2.11 Converting a Defect Life Cycle into JIRA workflow for a project
  • 2.12 Adding Issues/Bugs to the JIRA project
  • 2.13 Attaching screenshots to the Bugs in JIRA
  • 2.14 Assigning, closing, adding comments, effort etc to the JIRA bugs
  • 2.15 Importance of JIRA dashboard for a quick view
  • 2.16 Classifying defects into Critical, Major, Minor etc
  • 2.17 Basics of Regression Testing. What is Regression Testing?
  • 2.18 What are software release cycles?
  • 2.19 What is Test Case Management?
  • 2.20 What are the different phases in Test Case Management? Writing, Planning, Executing, Reporting, Maintaining
  • 2.21 How to customize JIRA project to handle Test Cases?
  • 2.22 Working with Tasks and Sub-Tasks to simulate Test Cases in JIRA?
  • 2.23 Cloning a JIRA sub-task to create an issue
  • 2.24 How to create a new Work Flow in JIRA?
  • 2.25 How to customize a JIRA Workflow by adding new states and transitions? Why is software test effort estimation important?
  • 2.26 What are the different factors in estimating software testing effort?
  • 2.27 What is an FTE, Contractor, CTC, per hour cost, person months of effort etc?
  • 2.28 Formula for software testing effort estimation?
  • 2.29 How does software testing effort improve with every release?
  • 2.30 Test automation efficiency over manual testing
  • 2.31 Differences in estimation for manual testing and automation testing?
  • 2.32 How to create a new issue type in JIRA for Test Cases?
  • 2.33 What are JIRA Dashboards?
  • 2.34 Creating and customizing JIRA Dashboard
  • 2.35 Understanding JIRA filters. Creating and Saving JIRA Filters. Adding Filters to dashboards

Chapter 3: QA Advanced Concepts

  • 3.1 Why is software test effort estimation important?
  • 3.2 What are the different factors in estimating software testing effort?
  • 3.3 How to classify a test case and identify the effort taken for it?
  • 3.4 What is an FTE, Contractor, CTC, per hour cost, person months of effort etc?
  • 3.5 Formula for software testing effort estimation?
  • 3.6 How does software testing effort improve with every release?
  • 3.7 Test automation efficiency over manual testing
  • 3.8 Differences in estimation for manual testing and automation testing? Configuration Elements
  • 3.9 What are the various types of Software Testing?
  • 3.10 A sample Test Plan template
  • 3.11 A sample Traceability matrix template
  • 3.12 Preparing Your Resume
  • 3.13 Applying for job
  • 3.14 Attending interview
  • 3.15 How to write Software Test Cases?

Chapter 4: Bugzilla

  • 4.1 How to Install Bugzilla?
  • 4.2 How to Install Perl (StrawberryPerl)?
  • 4.3 How to Install MySQL?
  • 4.4 How to Install Apache?
  • 4.5 How to run MySQL commands?
  • 4.6 Bugzilla Administrations
  • 4.7 Adding Products, Components, Version in Bugzilla
  • 4.8 Adding users in Bugzilla
  • 4.9 Creating bugs/defects in Bugzilla
October 16, 2012
  • Karthik

    Look forward to meeting you all tomorrow for the LIVE webinar.

    • Sai

      Karthik, is it possible to conduct the QA live webinar sessions a little bit earlier in the day like 5pm EST instead of 7.30pm ?
      Thank you

      • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

        Sorry Sai. The timings for LIVE webinar cannot be changed now. Videos is a great alternate option.

    • kishore


      Yesterday I was part of your demo webinar however when I raised my hand or pinged u in the messenger there was no response. Also my mic was muted. Is there anyway we will get access to communicate with you?


      • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

        The LIVE classes have large participants. And to ensure a smooth session, here is the process to interact.
        1. All participants are muted.
        2. You can post your questions over the chat. I will answer each of them as we get to a logical pause.
        3. If the question requires you to speak, I will have you unmuted at that time.
        This has worked very well in the past dozens of programs.

    • Kiran

      Hi karthik

      Saw you sessions on testing for beginners…Liked your practical way of teaching……Appreciate your patience and the preparedness….Very clear and understandable

      One doubt
      In day 2 excel sheet why is the need of module column in Test data and test case sheets when separate excel is created for Application module

      • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

        Thank you. Will address during Day 4.

  • Nagaraju Ankamreddi

    I have bought your Selenium videos with live access and now I would like to take QTP videos also. Would you please provide me the details how much I need to pay more to get access for those videos.

    Please provide the link that where I could pay.

    • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

      Please email for such specific enquiries.

  • Mark

    Hi like your teaching philosophy of hand on approach. I have a little comment that would make things things more clear to me and perhaps pothers.
    If I see 2 examples I can compare them and tell what is common or constant
    between 2 examples, thus appending the understanding. One example
    Just one example does not allow the benefits of comparison or analogy.

    Just wanted to share my thought, hope you find this beneficial.

    • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

      Thank you Mark. And I agree with your comments. Infact, we are starting with project 1 for the 1st 4-5 classes. After which, we go to an entirely new application and start a new project. That way, we have expanded learning.

  • Anu

    Do we get any material for this course.

    • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

      Anu, Yes. Sample Test Plans, FRD’s, Use Case templates, Interview Question Bank, sample resumes and many more. However, these will be made available in the coming few days.

      • bipin

        hi karthik..same question as Anu…how we will get physical material? can we download or print so it would be more convenient to read any time

        • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

          Like you can download and print the files in this post. As we go through the sessions, you will have access to many more documentations, tutorials and guides.

  • arun

    Hello karthik,
    I bought QA videos to finish it fast and start practicing so how can i access to videos daily rather than live.

    • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

      Arun – Instructions sent to your email. You will be provided access to members area for Day 4 and beyond.

  • Birju

    Hi Karthik,
    The last test plan was a bit confusing to me with the Test_ id no and the Test data Number, they differ most of the times. please explain thoroughly.


    • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

      We will explore more on these from Day 4.

  • Rakeshh

    HI karthik ,

    My question is about HP quality center tool. Would be teaching us How to use HPQC as it mostly asked question in interviews? If u can it would be great for us.

    • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

      Rakesh, surely towards end of the year.

  • Anil

    When will the rest of the classes taking place? I have paid for this course and have received nothing about when it will be. I wrote an email asking about the recorded videos and when the class will be and received no reply at all.

    • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

      Anil – Day 4 is scheduled for 23rd. All registered/paid participants have been communicated with the details. Didnt find anything with your email. Resend your email to

      • Anuja

        next live QA batch will be on 22nd oct or on 23rd oct?

        • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

          Next QA LIVE class (Day 4) is on 23rd OCt.


    Hi Karthik,
    I have registered QTP and QA Recorded Sessions. Can i join QA Live batch now ?
    Is it fixed time (16:30 PST) or any changes on it?

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

      Yes you can join QA live batch now. Yes timing is fixed no change. Please make a payment of $50 to upgrade to Live at

  • Jyoti

    Hi Karthik,
    Can i get the schedule for whole week to know which day next class is going to be.


    • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

      We have sent the schedule to all the paid participants.

      • Anu

        I have paid for the course.I have just got the mail that there is a class on tuesday.
        It would be great if there is a fixed schedule for the whole course.
        Will I get the webinar link only on the day of the webinar?

        • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

          A detailed class by class schedule on GoToTraining has been sent few days back to all LIVE participants. Please go through every email carefully.

  • urmila

    Hi Karthik,
    Just wanted to know if you will be giving us assignments and going thru it, for us to understand it better.

    • Karthik eLearn (Admin)

      Urmila – Assignments are for you to work and come back with questions. We can surely go over assignments and discuss them post that.

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