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QA/Software Testing, Jira, Bugzilla Tutorials

QA course will give you a overview of “How to become a true and valued Software Testing Professional”? Understand the fundamentals of Testing and Quality Assurance. Your 1st LIVE/Real-Time like software testing project. Flow of a Test Life Cycle and Software Development Life Cycle. Why use JIRA and/or Bugzilla for test management. Defect tracking and management with JIRA & BugZilla Defect Life Cycle, Severity, Priority, Defect Resolution, Defect Logging Details LIVE Manual Testing project(s) Testing of web-based applications. By learning QA/Software Testing, Jira, Bugzilla Tutorials you can become a Software Testing Professional.

All Chapters:

01-Software Testing Fundamentals Free Videos (3 videos, 2.5 hours)
01-QA/Manual Testing Basics (5 videos, 4.1 hours)
02-1-JIRA Tutorial for beginners Free Videos (1 video, 30 minutes)
02-2-QA JIRA Videos (3 videos, 2.2 hours)
03-QA/Manual Testing Advanced Videos (4 videos, 2.4 hours)
04-QA Bugzilla Videos (2 videos, 1 hour)

Chapter 1: Software Testing Fundamentals Free Videos(3 videos, 2.5 hours)

In this playlist you are introduced to how to become a true and valued Software Testing Professional? and Understand the fundamentals of Testing and Quality Assurance. If you are a member, login here. To apply for membership, please visit our Pricing page.

Chapter 1: QA/Manual Testing Basics Videos(5 videos, 4.1 hours)

In this playlist you Understand the basic concepts of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), High level details into Requirements, Design, Build phases, What are Functional Requirements Document, Technical Requirement Documents, Roles of a Business Analyst(BA), Technical Architect, Developer, Tester, Role of an IT department within any organization or any business model. Understand various SDLC models-Waterfall Model, Iterative Model, V Model, Spiral Model. Performing parallel software testing/STLC along with SDLC, Rapid Application Development, Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming. How to write a Business Requirement Document (BRD), Functional Requirement Document (FRD), System Requirement Specification (SRS)? Intro to Traceability Matrix, As-Is and To-Be architecture diagrams, How to write a Use Case Document & Use Case Diagram?, Understanding the concept of Use Cases, Defining a system architecture at high level, Creating a system process, Further discussions on naming conventions for, Importance of Domain/Functional knowledge in Software Testing, How to write test cases from Use Case Document, Importance of test case coverage, Importance of writing detailed test steps for every test case and Do we write test cases before we perform testing, everytime?

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Chapter 2: JIRA Tutorial for beginners Free Video(1 video, 30 minutes)

In this Playlist you are introduced to JIRA tool, Challenge in the current manual testing model, Defect Life Cycle, What is JIRA?, Why is JIRA needed?, What is the importance of JIRA?, How to install JIRA?, What are the features of JIRA?. If you are a member, login here. To apply for membership, please visit our Pricing page.

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Chapter 2: QA JIRA Videos(3 videos, 2.2 hours)

This playlist will help you to learn about JIRA tool, How to create a JIRA project?, Adding Users to our JIRA Account, Importance of Defect Life Cycle and understanding the various stages or states of a defect, Converting a Defect Life Cycle into JIRA workflow for a project, Adding Issues/Bugs to the JIRA project, Attaching screenshots to the Bugs in JIRA, Assigning, closing, adding comments, effort etc to the JIRA bugs, Importance of JIRA dashboard for a quick view, Classifying defects into Critical, Major, Minor etc. Basics of Regression Testing. What is Regression Testing?, What are software release cycles?, What is Test Case Management?, What are the different phases in Test Case Management? Writing, Planning, Executing, Reporting, Maintaining, How to customize JIRA project to handle Test Cases, Working with Tasks and Sub-Tasks to simulate Test Cases in JIRA, Cloning a JIRA sub-task to create an issue, How to create a new Work Flow in JIRA?, How to customize a JIRA Workflow by adding new states and transitions?, How to create a new issue type in JIRA for Test Cases?, What are JIRA Dashboards?, Creating and customizing JIRA Dashboard and Understanding JIRA filters. Creating and Saving JIRA Filters. Adding Filters to dashboards.

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Chapter 3: QA/Manual Testing Advanced Videos(4 videos, 2.4 hours)

In this playlist you are Introduced to Why is software test effort estimation important?, What are the different factors in estimating software testing effort?, How to classify a test case and identify the effort taken for it?, What is an FTE, Contractor, CTC, per hour cost, person months of effort etc?, Formula for software testing effort estimation?, How does software testing effort improve with every release?, Test automation efficiency over manual testing, Differences in estimation for manual testing and automation testing?, What are the various types of Software Testing?, A sample Test Plan template and Traceability matrix template. Preparing your resume, Applying for job and Attending interview. and How to write Software Test Cases?

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Chapter 4: QA Bugzilla Videos(2 videos, 1 hour)

In this playlist you learn about BugZilla and Install Bugzilla, Perl (StrawberryPerl), MySQL, Apache, Bugzilla Administrations Adding Products Components, Version in Bugzilla, Adding users in Bugzilla and Creating bugs/defects in Bugzilla.

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As referred by Karthik in QA Bugzilla Day-18 video that more Bugzilla videos will be added soon we havent done so as with the advent of other opensource tools like Jira…….. Bugzilla is not so widely used tool these days. Creating users or defects is more or less same across all the tools and column names will be similar if requiered you can refer the latest JIRA videos uploaded on our website.

April 24, 2014
  • Arthy Radhakrishnan

    Difficulty in installing Bugzilla.
    Tried installing it manually and couldnt install the bugzilla tarball but installed the rest. I couldnt install using the wn 32 installer package too. Please help. Did anyone find the installation too hard. I have been sitting the whole day stuck with the installation,

  • Arthy Radhakrishnan

    Hi can anyone help me regarding bugzilla installation

  • percy

    I just saw these two videos of the SW testing fundamentals and its really enlightening!! Thanks! but i have a doubt and i’m hoping to get an answer or i dont know if i would have the answer as i watch the other videos but it would be nice to know it at this point!

    If testing is done to ensure the quality of the product, are we supposed to document what we see as we play along into different TC/TD etc.. or are we supposed to compare the application with the requirement of the customers and find those things which are not fulfilled by the application? It looks like we are just documenting what the application does as we click various links.Thanks!!

  • Deepthy Nair

    Hi, there are no videos under Chapter 1: QA/Manual Te
    sting Basics Videos(5 videos, 4.1 hours).

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