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Video Playback Issue


Video Playback Issue

If you are facing an issue while playing the videos. Please try out the below 4 steps to fix the video issue.

1)Primarily please make sure, that you are logged in to ITeLearn website with your Login Credentials.

2)Do make sure your Net speed is good.

3)Please Switch to an other browser and try to play the videos. (Like Chrome, Firefox, IE etc)

4)Do keep removing temp files and also remove your browser cookies and empty the recycle bin to free the memory.

5)When you see this message of “Video is Unavailable” please try to refresh the page as this message comes up on your screen only when you keep your system is Idle for a long time or the loading of the video is timing out. It’s almost always related to a client connection problem.

-We worked with our third party Vzaar, where our videos are hosted and came up with few quick steps that might resolve the issue.
Please do perform the below two tests on your system and share the result so that we work towards the solution.
We will need the results of the following two tests. It is important that the tests are run on the machine which is having issues and it’s also important that the test run when the issue is happening:
After running the above 2 steps – Please navigate to vzaar home page at and ‘Click for Live Help’ at the bottom of the page. They are online there between 9am GMT and 6pm Pacific.

The support team is ready to help by running specific tests which trace the route our video data is taking to the viewer (a traceroute or MTR). This is possible only with screen-sharing session with the viewer in question.

If still your issue remains unresolved, then please do fill the form shared below so that we can help and fix it up.

August 8, 2014
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